Gardens of Eden: Phuket’s New Organic Garden Initiative

Gardens of Eden’s environmental focus in Phuket is making a great impact in the form of an organic garden established on the premises of the Municipality of Kindergarten Choeng Thale.

Built for the community by local farmers from Bang Tao, the garden demonstrates the developer Amal Development’s commitment to both environmental improvement and education.

Through the project of offering the children a place to learn about nature hands-on, Gardens of Eden hopes to cultivate love and care for the environment at an early age.

It is a part of the ongoing effort to encourage green initiatives island-wide. In involving local farmers the project also offers great benefit to the local economy and ensures the garden’s continued expertise and care.

A great example of community participation in the long-term project of environmental success.

Green Planet School-Farm Programme

The organic garden was established as a part of the Green Planet school-farm patronage programme, initiated by the Phuket Hotels Association.

The project aims to offer environmental awareness in daily school life and through sustained sponsorship provide tools and knowledge to cultivate their own food and learn the value of living in harmony with nature.

The handover ceremony was completed on May 20 with special guests including Yana Chuvalova, Director of Sales & Marketing of Gardens of Eden and Jayne MacDougall, Executive Director of Phuket Hotels Association.

Gardens of Eden: Phuket’s New Organic Garden Initiative

Manoch Panchalard, Chief Executive of Choeng Thale Subdistrict Administrative Organization, also attended the event to demonstrate the project’s value to the municipality.

The special guests’ participation in the event demonstrates the effort of various parties of interest in encouraging environmental awareness and action.

Engaging the Community

Community engagement is at the heart of Gardens of Eden’s initiatives. “Nature and community are at the heart of everything we do,” stated Chuvalova. “It is the concept we are creating for Gardens of Eden and our philosophy extends to the wider community in Bang Tao through our gardens and educational initiatives to inspire the next generation to build a greener future for Phuket in the long term.”

These activities are woven into the daily curriculum of the students and demonstrate the importance of cultivating gardens and their role in encouraging a healthy natural environment.

Through the involvement of students in planting and caring for the plants the program aims to educate them about nature’s cycles and the value of living in harmony with nature.

Importance of Early Environmental Education

MacDougall emphasised the importance of early environmental education, stating, “The Green Planet school-farm project is vital in uniting businesses and communities to foster early environmental education for children and to nurture a generation of Earth stewards. It is through hands-on experience that kids learn to grow and nurture plants, while schools benefit from having fresh vegetables in their kitchens. The Phuket Hotels Association is honoured to spearhead this endeavour to enrich our community’s commitment to sustainability.”

Gardens of Eden: Phuket’s New Organic Garden Initiative

The interactive approach to learning helps children cultivate a deeper appreciation of their surroundings and gain an understanding of the consequences of their actions towards the planet.

Providing tools to grow their own vegetables to the schools also promotes a healthier diet and decreases the carbon footprint of food transportation.

Community Involvement and Sustainability

The project demonstrates a growing community actively contributing to sustainability. Ravi Chandran, Corporate Affairs Advisor at Gardens of Eden and a 25-year resident of Phuket noted, “This is an emerging community in action, making a meaningful contribution. It is essential to make a positive impact across the island and this is evidenced not only by example on the project but through a ‘greening’ philosophy for the local community.”

Gardens of Eden’s projects include social input that benefits the local community. Through the involvement of residents and local organisations in their initiatives they hope to create sustainable community with common vision.

The approach not only adds value to the local environment but encourages sense of belonging and responsibility.

Vision for Future Generations

Gardens of Eden is a visionary project in Phuket, which values community and nature above all. It caters to those who value bringing up their families in a healthy ecological environment with well-being at the core of all actions.

The developer’s vision for the destination includes native trees, green areas and social contribution, which they describe as the new luxury.

Native trees and green areas are central to Gardens of Eden’s design philosophy, offer ecological value and improve the quality of life for its residents. These features are meant to encourage a sense of well-being and appreciation of nature, which sustains the project’s commitment to sustainability.

Educational Outreach Programmes

Gardens of Eden’s educational outreach programmes cultivate sense of environmental responsibility in young people. Through interactive learning experiences the students develop deeper appreciation of living in harmony with nature and value of protecting their natural environment.

Gardens of Eden: Phuket’s New Organic Garden Initiative

The long-term goal of Gardens of Eden is to extend their green initiatives to other areas of Phuket and develop a network of sustainable communities island-wide. This goal is based on the belief that sustainable development and community participation are crucial to the future success of Phuket.

Enhancing Phuket’s Green Vision

Gardens of Eden’s many projects are contributing to Phuket’s green vision and creating a precedent for ecologically and environmentally sustainable development here. The organization’s many projects are showcasing the crucial role that we all play in fostering and ensuring a sustainable and respectable future for everyone through community participation, environmental conservation and social accountability.

Gardens of Eden’s dedication to preserving and protecting our natural world through exemplary service and community involvement is clearly reflected in their valuable and worthy projects and initiatives. By placing the needs and happiness of the local people and our planet earth first at all times, Gardens of Eden is ensuring and guaranteeing a sustainable and memorable ecological legacy for generations to come.


Gardens of Eden’s outstanding and inspiring organic garden project located at the Kindergarten of Municipality of Choeng Thale’s is just one example of community participation and environmental conservation going hand in hand to ensure a sustainable future for everyone.

Gardens of Eden’s many projects are contributing to Phuket’s green vision and creating a precedent for ecologically and environmentally sustainable development here.

Their valuable and worthy efforts to extend these projects are evidence of their long-term ecological and environmental objectives and goals.

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