Phuket Hotels Association Funds Scholarships In Phuket

The Phuket Hotels Association, which represents 82 top hotels and resorts on the island, has announced a collaboration with the EHL Hospitality Business School to offer online scholarships to exceptional local hospitality professionals.

The aim of the initiative is to empower and upskill talented individuals in Phuket, while also promoting investment in education and training.

Scholarship Awards For Promising Talent

The program will fund three associates from three member hotels to take online courses in Leadership, Finance, and Revenue. The candidates were selected following a rigorous application and evaluation process, which received over 30 entries from eligible professionals across Phuket.

The scholarships were awarded to Thunchanok Kusolvititkul from Amanpuri for the Leadership course, Kris Atienza from The Naka Island for the Finance program, and Parichart Patchoo from Andara Resort & Villas for the Revenue training.

Phuket Hotels Association Funds Scholarships In Phuket

The selected candidates will be awarded EHL Hospitality Business School certificates after completing their respective courses, recognized by leading employers worldwide.

Phuket Hotels Association Funds Scholarships In Phuket

These courses will provide them with specialist knowledge, new skills, and a greater understanding of the hospitality industry, enhancing their long-term career prospects and contributing to the growth of Phuket’s entire hospitality sector.

Phuket Hotels Association Funds Scholarships In Phuket

EHL Hospitality Business School – A Premier Hospitality Management University

The EHL Hospitality Business School is recognized globally as the world’s best university in hospitality management.

The institution was founded in 1893 and has become an international education group, offering a wide range of educational programs, from apprenticeships to master’s degrees, as well as professional short courses and executive education.

Its unique pedagogical approach is based on Swiss experiential learning and its pioneer spirit, inspiring many institutions, governments, and businesses around the world to raise their standards of excellence.

The Importance Of Education In The Post-Pandemic Era

Talent retention and development have become critical issues in the post-pandemic era, not only in Phuket but all across Thailand and the world. In response, the Phuket Hotels Association has focused on education as one of its four strategic pillars.

It has secured scholarships for 48 young adults at vocational institutions and universities across Phuket and Bangkok, including alliances with Cornell University’s General Managers program and Dusit Thani College, Bangkok.

Bjorn Courage, President of the Phuket Hotels Association, stated, “Phuket is one of the world’s leading international tourism destinations, so it is critical for hotels and resorts to have well-trained and qualified associates who are able to uphold the highest standards of professionalism and drive the industry forward.

Our collaboration with EHL is a key part of this, and we look forward to seeing our three candidates grow and achieve great things in the future.”


The Phuket Hotels Association is committed to empowering and upskilling local talent in the hospitality industry.

The recent scholarship awards for exceptional candidates, in collaboration with the EHL Hospitality Business School, is a testament to the association’s dedication to talent development.

The program aims to provide young professionals with the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience to take on leadership roles and drive the industry forward.

Through these initiatives, the Phuket Hotels Association hopes to ease the talent crunch and support the long-term growth of Phuket’s hospitality sector.