Global Wellness: Paradisus by Meliá & Sadhana Works Unite

In a groundbreaking collaboration, Paradisus by Meliá, the esteemed Destination Inclusive® luxury resorts brand under Meliá Hotels International, has joined forces with Sadhana Works and The Chopra Foundation.

This alliance is poised to introduce unparalleled transformative programs, embodying a steadfast commitment to holistic wellness and global recognition.

The initiative marks the inception of a series of partnerships between Paradisus by Meliá and Sadhana Works, aiming to bring awareness and cultivate wellbeing across diverse destinations worldwide.

A Global Odyssey Unveiled

The collaborative venture, set to unfurl throughout 2024, will manifest across the Paradisus portfolio and in select prestigious cities worldwide. Hosted by Meliá Hotels International, these retreats are strategically themed around “Inner Peace,” “Soul of Leadership,” and “Radical Love,” promising to be pivotal moments of profound personal transformation.

Global Wellness: Paradisus by Meliá & Sadhana Works Unite

The “Inner Peace” retreat emerges as a compelling project, beckoning those eager to contribute to the cultivation of enduring peace. A pioneering endeavour, it adopts an innovative approach towards a world where compassion and conflict resolution supersede violence.

Rooted in the principles of the “Peace is the Way” program by Dr. Chopra and Gabriella Wright (The Chopra Foundation), this retreat offers a transformative experience anchored in core pillars of peace-building.

Dr. Chopra states, “Our vision is to replace violence with compassion and, through this retreat, foster a shared commitment to the common good. It’s about sowing the seeds of lasting peace within ourselves and, by extension, in the world.”

Radical Love Retreat: Nurturing Compassion and Connection

In an era where fostering self-love and forging connections is paramount, the “Radical Love” retreat provides a dedicated space for personal development.

Crafted by Mariana Harpreet of Sadhana Works, this program is the culmination of years dedicated to diverse disciplines, including kundalini yoga, family constellations, and body psychotherapy. It offers participants a transformative journey towards cultivating a deeper sense of compassion and understanding.

Global Wellness: Paradisus by Meliá & Sadhana Works Unite

Mariana Harpreet expresses, “The ‘Radical Love’ retreat is a testament to the power of self-love and compassion. It’s an opportunity for individuals to reflect on their actions and embrace a profound connection with others.”

The Soul of Leadership Retreat: Navigating Conscious Leadership

In the midst of significant global transformations, the “The Soul of Leadership” retreat takes centre stage to promote conscious leadership. Developed collaboratively by Dr. Chopra and Poonacha, CEO of The Chopra Foundation, this retreat is designed to equip leaders with the skills and insights needed to navigate unprecedented challenges.

It is a transformative experience focused on aligning leadership with deeper values and a holistic understanding of one’s role in a rapidly evolving world.

Global Wellness: Paradisus by Meliá & Sadhana Works Unite

Poonacha states, “Conscious leadership is crucial in times of transformation. Our retreat aims to empower leaders with the tools to lead with integrity, compassion, and a profound understanding of their impact on the world.”

Conclusion: A Confluence of Expertise and Holistic Wellness

The Paradisus by Meliá and Sadhana Works alliance, in collaboration with The Chopra Foundation, is poised to redefine the landscape of transformative wellness programs.

Through the “Inner Peace,” “Radical Love,” and “The Soul of Leadership” retreats, participants can embark on a journey towards personal growth, compassion, and conscious leadership.

As this alliance unfolds, it stands as a testament to the commitment of these esteemed organisations to deliver world-class experiences that transcend geographical boundaries, fostering a global community dedicated to holistic wellbeing.

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