Golf Paradise Unveiled at Finca Cortesín in Marbella

Nestled in the tranquil enclave of Casares on the Andalusian coast, Finca Cortesín, renowned as one of the world’s premier resorts, has recently unveiled a collection of nine luxurious bespoke villas.

Marbella’s leading real estate broker and developer, Solvilla, has strategically partnered with Finca Cortesín, merging opulent living with a supreme golfing lifestyle.

This collaboration promises to redefine luxury in the Costa Del Sol region, offering a blend of architectural brilliance, panoramic views, and an unparalleled golfing experience.

A Global Golfing Haven: Finca Cortesín’s Distinction

Golf Paradise Unveiled at Finca Cortesín in Marbella

Finca Cortesín stands as a testament to European golfing experiences, boasting an 18-hole course designed by Cabell B Robinson and landscaped by the acclaimed Gerald Huggans.

This distinguished resort was selected to host the prestigious Solheim Cup in 2023, a biennial women’s golf contest that showcases the skills of Europe and the United States over three days of fierce competition.

Strategic Partnership: Solvilla and Finca Cortesín Unite

Golf Paradise Unveiled at Finca Cortesín in Marbella

In a bold move, Solvilla has joined forces with Finca Cortesín to create a synergy between luxury living and a golfing haven.

The collaboration aims to produce nine exclusive residences, each embodying architectural brilliance and Solvilla’s expertise in premium real estate development.

Unveiling Architectural Brilliance: The Golfside Villas

These nine brand-new residences, priced between €6 – €9 million, epitomize Marbella luxury living.

Six of them, known as Golfside Villas, offer a direct pathway to the golf course, boasting 4 – 6 beds, 4 – 8 baths, and exquisite interiors.

Golfside Villa 10, priced at €9 million, exemplifies bespoke design, featuring panoramic views, a Gaggenau-equipped kitchen, and private terraces.

Golf Paradise Unveiled at Finca Cortesín in Marbella

Architectural Masterpiece: Golfside Villa 9

Golfside Villa 9, designed by renowned architect Jose Maria Sierra, captivates with floor-to-ceiling windows, a striking white façade, and the use of high-quality natural materials.

The ground floor seamlessly opens to a garden oasis with a pool and gazebo, while the upper level offers breathtaking views from the master bedroom and guest rooms.

Mediterranean Elegance: The Enclave of Green 10

Expanding beyond the golfside allure, the collaboration includes three additional properties nestled in the enclave of Green 10 within the Finca Cortesín resort.

These residences radiate Mediterranean-style charm, further showcasing the diversity and quality upheld by Solvilla and Finca Cortesín.

Golf Paradise Unveiled at Finca Cortesín in Marbella

Solvilla’s Perspective: A Commitment to Excellence

Stacy Welch, partner at Solvilla, expressed pride in partnering with the world-renowned Finca Cortesín resort.

He anticipates significant demand for these properties, especially from Scandinavia and European hubs.

This collaboration promises to elevate the golfing lifestyle in the Costa Del Sol region, offering residences adjacent to the award-winning golf course.

Finca Cortesín’s Allure: Beyond Golfing Excellence

Beyond its golfing prowess, Finca Cortesín remains a beacon of luxury, encompassing 215 hectares of pristine land.

With an award-winning hotel, Championship Golf Course, outstanding spa and sports facilities, a beach club, and exclusive shopping, the resort offers a comprehensive and indulgent experience.

Golf Paradise Unveiled at Finca Cortesín in Marbella

European Golfing Ambassador: Solheim Cup 2023

The selection of Finca Cortesín as the host for the Solheim Cup 2023 further solidifies its position as a key ambassador among the more than 70 golf courses along the Málaga coastline and the Mediterranean section of the Cádiz coast, affectionately known as the ‘Costa del Golf.’

Elevating Luxury Living and Golfing Excellence

In conclusion, the strategic partnership between Solvilla and Finca Cortesín marks a significant milestone in redefining luxury living and golfing excellence in Marbella.

The unveiling of nine bespoke villas demonstrates a commitment to architectural brilliance, panoramic views, and a lifestyle that seamlessly integrates opulence with golfing prestige.

Golf Paradise Unveiled at Finca Cortesín in Marbella

As these residences grace the Costa Del Sol region, they promise to set a new standard for the discerning individuals seeking the epitome of luxury and golfing paradise.

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