HeritageXplore: Revolutionising Access to the UK’s Historic Houses

The recent launch of an innovative technology platform aimed at celebrating and promoting the UK’s historic houses, making their wonders accessible to a broader audience.

HeritageXplore is set to transform how visitors discover and book visits to these historic sites.

HeritageXplore emerges as a novel discovery and booking platform for independently owned heritage sites. Initially featuring 25 of the UK’s 450 estates, the platform includes renowned attractions such as Belvoir Castle, Glamis Castle, Holkham Hall, Sudeley Castle, and Blenheim Palace.

The platform plans to add up to four new sites monthly, continuously expanding its offerings.

Significance of Heritage in UK Tourism

Heritage tourism is a vital component of the UK’s tourism industry, accounting for 15% of the market. Annually, historic sites attract 215 million visits, generating an estimated £18.4 billion.

While organisations like the National Trust and English Heritage offer streamlined visitor experiences, privately owned properties face fragmented visitor engagement. This fragmentation often leads to inconsistent visitor experiences and missed opportunities for these historic sites.

HeritageXplore: Revolutionising Access to the UK's Historic Houses

HeritageXplore addresses this gap by creating a unified platform where visitors can effortlessly discover and book visits to heritage sites. For the estates, the platform offers customer insights, marketing support, and access to partnerships both within the UK and internationally.

This comprehensive approach is designed to enhance the visibility and accessibility of these heritage sites, making them more appealing to a broader audience.

Rising Interest in UK Heritage

The launch of HeritageXplore coincides with a surge in interest in UK heritage, driven by popular TV shows and films such as Netflix’s “Bridgerton,” Lionsgate+’s “Outlander,” and BBC1’s “The Traitors,” all filmed on historic estates.

These productions have sparked a renewed interest in historic locations, attracting a younger, tech-savvy audience eager to explore history through the lens of popular culture.

Traditionally reliant on older, local visitors, these sites are now attracting a new generation of ‘heritage-curious’ visitors aged 18-30. This demographic shift presents an opportunity to engage a broader audience and ensure the preservation and appreciation of historic estates for future generations.

HeritageXplore is well-positioned to cater to this emerging audience by offering an intuitive and technologically advanced platform.

The Visionary Behind HeritageXplore

Violet Manners, the brainchild behind HeritageXplore, previously founded the marketing agency Akana Collective, working with brands like Bicester Village, Asprey, and Jaguar.

HeritageXplore: Revolutionising Access to the UK's Historic Houses

She also founded and produced the podcast “Duchess,” which has garnered over 1.5 million listeners and re-launches today as the “Hidden Heritage” podcast. Manners’ extensive background in marketing and her connection to heritage sites provide her with a unique perspective on the challenges and opportunities in this sector.

Growing up at Belvoir Castle, Manners observed a shift in the visitor demographic to a younger, digitally native audience, inspiring her to create a solution benefiting all generations and uniting independent houses under one platform. Her vision is to harness cutting-edge technology to bring these historic sites to a wider audience, enhancing their appeal and accessibility.

Funding and Support for HeritageXplore

HeritageXplore secured a pre-seed round of £400,000 to bring the platform to market. The team includes CTO William Wildridge, a former data scientist at Google, and a board featuring tech industry veteran Simon Guild.

Advisors include Anya Hindmarch CBE and philanthropist Michael Huffington, while investors range from Nick Hanauer, the first non-family investor in Amazon, to US impact investor Dorie Smith and 5 Hertford Street founder Robin Birley.

This strong support network underscores the confidence in HeritageXplore’s potential to revolutionise heritage tourism. The platform also enjoys backing from many next-generation custodians of independent heritage across the UK, such as the Marquess of Blandford at Blenheim Palace, George, Lord Porchester at Highclere Castle, Imogen Hervey-Bathurst at Eastnor Castle, and Hon. Perry Pearson at Cowdray Estate.

Enhancing the Visitor Experience

HeritageXplore not only simplifies the booking process but also enhances the overall visitor experience.

The platform’s pioneering technology aims to provide visitors with enriched, interactive experiences, transforming how they engage with history. Features such as personalised recommendations, interactive maps, and virtual tours ensure that visitors can make the most of their visits.

HeritageXplore: Revolutionising Access to the UK's Historic Houses

The platform’s technological advancements are designed to offer a seamless and engaging experience, catering to the needs of today’s tech-savvy tourists. By integrating modern technology with historical exploration, HeritageXplore bridges the gap between past and present, making heritage sites more accessible and appealing.

Promoting Sustainable Tourism

HeritageXplore is committed to promoting sustainable tourism. By increasing awareness and accessibility of lesser-known sites, it aims to distribute visitor traffic more evenly, reducing the environmental impact on popular destinations.

This approach not only helps preserve these historic sites but also ensures that visitors can enjoy a more diverse range of experiences.

Sustainable tourism practices are essential for the long-term preservation of heritage sites. HeritageXplore’s efforts to promote lesser-known estates help alleviate the pressure on heavily visited locations, contributing to the conservation and sustainability of the UK’s rich cultural heritage.

Community and Cultural Engagement

The platform also encourages community and cultural engagement. By highlighting the stories and significance of each estate, HeritageXplore fosters a deeper connection between visitors and the heritage sites they explore. This narrative-driven approach enhances the visitor experience, making each visit more meaningful and memorable.

HeritageXplore’s focus on storytelling and cultural engagement helps visitors appreciate the historical and cultural significance of each site. By offering insights into the events and people associated with these estates, the platform enriches the visitor experience and promotes a deeper understanding of the UK’s heritage.

HeritageXplore offers educational resources, making it a valuable tool for schools and educational institutions. The platform provides insights into historical events, architectural styles, and the cultural importance of each estate, enhancing learning experiences.

These resources make it easier for educators to incorporate visits to heritage sites into their curriculum, fostering a greater appreciation of history among students.

HeritageXplore: Revolutionising Access to the UK's Historic Houses

Educational opportunities extend beyond formal schooling, as HeritageXplore provides resources and information that appeal to lifelong learners and history enthusiasts. By making history accessible and engaging, the platform encourages ongoing education and exploration.

Future Prospects

With its innovative approach and robust support, HeritageXplore is poised to become a leading platform in heritage tourism.

As it continues to grow, it will undoubtedly play a crucial role in preserving and promoting the rich history of the UK and beyond. The platform’s potential to expand internationally highlights its ambitious vision and commitment to heritage conservation.

HeritageXplore’s future prospects are promising, as it aims to continually innovate and adapt to the evolving needs of heritage tourists. By leveraging technology and fostering community engagement, the platform is set to redefine how people experience and connect with history.


HeritageXplore represents a significant step forward in heritage tourism, offering a seamless, tech-driven solution for discovering and booking visits to historic estates.

Bridging the gap between tradition and technology paves the way for future generations to appreciate and engage with the UK’s rich heritage. This platform not only enhances the visitor experience but also supports the sustainable preservation of historic sites.

HeritageXplore’s launch marks the beginning of a new era in heritage tourism, where technology and tradition come together to offer unique and memorable experiences.

As the platform grows and evolves, it will continue to play a vital role in celebrating and preserving the UK’s cultural heritage.

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