Holiday In Africa: How To Find A Perfect Resort?

Africa is a humongous continent, with a huge variety of cultures, customs, and countries. If you’re considering visiting Africa, then there are a lot of things that you need to consider first. To begin with, which part of Africa will you visit? From the vibrant, rich Islamic traditions of North Africa to the ancient tribal cultures of South Africa, Africa has it all.

Another thing to consider is your accommodation. Most travel experts advise staying in a resort when visiting Africa, especially in developing countries. This article will tell you how to find the perfect resort:

Holiday In Africa: How To Find A Perfect Resort?

Comparing Amenities

If you’re having trouble finding the perfect resort, you need to begin comparing amenities. A resort with very few amenities isn’t worth your time. According to the African resort specialists from the Zimbali Coastal Resort, the perfect resort should have daily housekeeping, free Wi-Fi, restaurants and bars, swimming pools, room service, and spa facilities. You will have to pay more to stay in a resort that has a long list of amenities, but it’s definitely worth it.

Amenities like those just mentioned will make your holiday much more relaxing. If a resort doesn’t offer many amenities, give it a pass.

Travel Agents

Another way to find the perfect resort is through a travel agent. Travel agents specialize in arranging and facilitating vacations for people. While travel agents can be expensive, the service that they offer is very useful, particularly if you are having trouble finding a resort yourself.

The only downside to travel agents is that they work closely with specific resorts, so they will only recommend you to their partners. This means that, in many ways, travel agents aren’t impartial and won’t find you the best resort they can, instead of sending you to the one that pays them the most. Even so, travel agents won’t work with especially bad resorts because this will reflect poorly upon them.

Holiday In Africa: How To Find A Perfect Resort?


If you are traveling alone or with a friend, you may also want to consider visiting an adults-only resort. These resorts do not permit families and children entry. If you aren’t traveling with children then it’s probably best to visit one of these resorts instead of a family-friendly resort, because children can ruin one’s vacation. They are loud and will use up a lot of the available amenities unless you’re traveling during the off-season in which case there won’t be any there.

Adults-only resorts do not usually cost more than family-friendly resorts, so in terms of cost, you won’t have to pay more for privacy. Adults-only resorts usually have additional amenities, like dancehalls, bars, and parties. Some adults-only resorts hold nightly raves, which are perfect for people who love to enjoy themselves.

Holiday In Africa: How To Find A Perfect Resort?

Resort Location

One must also take the resort’s location into account. There are some areas in Africa, mainly in developing nations, that are very unsafe for tourists. Even though resorts have security, they still aren’t completely safe. For this reason, carefully consider the country that you are traveling to and its current political situation. If the country you want to visit is experiencing widespread unrest, it’s probably best not to travel there.

You can find out a country’s status by speaking to their consulate or visiting your own government’s travel information website. Another thing to consider is its geographic placement inside the country. Most people prefer traveling to resorts that are by the ocean so that they can relax on the beach. Give this some thought.

Resort Size

There are many different types of resorts, some larger than others. If you are traveling alone and don’t need lots of amenities, then you don’t necessarily need to stay in a huge resort. Some resorts consist of a few hundred houses or apartments – others consist of thousands. Carefully plan out your holiday and work out precisely what you want from it, so you can establish what sort of resort you want to stay in. There are also specific types of resorts, like eco-resorts.

Holiday In Africa: How To Find A Perfect Resort?

Resort Atmosphere

Resorts all have their own atmospheres. You will likely be able to find out what a resort’s atmosphere is like by reading its reviews on Google or Trust Pilot. Try to avoid reading reviews on the resort’s own website, because these can be falsified, and often are. If a resort’s atmosphere isn’t pleasant, welcoming, and friendly, then consider going elsewhere. In addition, reviews will tell you a lot about a resort’s services. If reviews are overwhelmingly negative, find another resort.

If you’re going on holiday in Africa, then you need to find the perfect resort. What the perfect resort is, depends entirely upon the person that is searching for it. Take all of the things in this article into consideration when you are searching so that you can find the perfect resort for you.