Hong Kong’s International Light Art Display

The new International Light Art Display, entitled the Hong Kong Pulse Light Festival, will set the Central harbourfront alight. With Valentine’s day approaching the hunt is on for the perfect date spot. Due to the rise of social media, the Instagrammable quality of a date spot is almost as important as the venue itself. Enters the Hong Kong Pulse Light Festival.

Hosted by the Hong Kong Tourism Board (HKTB) and co-organised by the Tourism Commission the mega event is bound to help make the ultimate pic happen. Although in conjunction with the Spring Lantern Festival, this light art display is themed Love and Romance.

The central harbour is not new to light art or light shows. The Hong Kong Pulse Light Festival will see the existing popular light art installations joined by new installations. Located at the Victoria Harbour, the event will run to 28 February 2019. In an official statement the organisers commented:

“There will be 15 light art installations created by local and overseas artists at the “International Light Art Display”, among which seven art installations are new pieces created with the theme of Love and Romance. In addition, some of the installations are interactive. Among the new light art installations, three were created by overseas artists, including a piece titled “Bunch of Tulips” from Hungary, that greets visitors with a colourful bunch of giant LED flowers, and the interactive “Birds Fly Around With You” from Japan, that illuminates more bird sculptures when more people step into the magical circle. In addition, there are four local installations, including “Geometry of Love”, which inspires from colourfully stained glass church windows to reflect geometric heart-shaped patterns on the ground, and “Hello, Stranger”, where the gaze of two activates 60 seconds of interactive LED lighting and music.”

Set to be one of the most popular selfie spots this Valentine’s day is the Light Tunnel at the Tamar Park in Admiralty. This 50-metre long tunnel will display multiple heart shapes and be lit up in pink. The organisers further commented:

“On top of the new installations, eight popular existing installations, which have been on display from the very beginning of the Festival in November 2018, including “Angels of Freedom”, “Talking Heads” and “Tapping”, will still be there. The “International Light Art Display” is a major component of the “Hong Kong Pulse Light Festival”, which is a brand new mega-event launched in November 2018. This exhibition will still be displayed at the Central and Western District Promenade (Central Section) and lighting time will be maintained from 5 pm to 11 pm daily.”

For more information on the event click here.

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