How Breast Cancer Affects Self-Esteem

Breast cancer is among the many diseases that affect both men and women. If you’ve realized a sudden change in breast size or have a lump that doesn’t look normal, then there might be a problem that needs to be examined. One thing to note is that breast cancer in itself isn’t painful, unless when it’s reached its final stages. Now, this is when doctors might suggest palliative care or other medications that can help with the pain. All these can in so many ways affect your self-esteem because for starters, you’ve been used to your good health. It gets even tough when a person has to go through a mastectomy.

How Breast Cancer Affects Self-Esteem

Such are changes that might affect a person’s self-esteem and in a way, cause patients to quit the things they used to do. The changes may persist for weeks, even years after undergoing surgery. For many people, changes in body image are part of the effects. This article examines ways through which breast cancer affects self-esteem. They include:

Breast Cancer Treatment Causes Scarring

Radiation, a step-in treatment, causes colour changes and thinning of the skin. A scar will always remind you of what you have been through, whether you like it or not. Time may heal you, but you will never forget the process. Specialists record that most women are ashamed of going in public after any breast-related treatment.

If you’ve undergone any breast cancer type of surgery, then it’s clear that you have been through a lot. You must take heart knowing that there are options that can help bring a smile to your face. This might include going through a breast reconstruction procedure to help augment your breast/s. It will not be easy having gone through a similar procedure but then again, you have your self-esteem and pride to think about. Breast restoration procedures exist to help anyone who’s going through self-esteem issues. Do not be alarmed as breast reshaping procedures exist for exactly this.

Loss And Gain In Weight 

How Breast Cancer Affects Self-Esteem

Changes in body size and shape happen from breast cancer treatment. For many people, weight gain is one of the biggest issues. It’s not exactly clear why this happens, but half of the patients undergoing breast cancer treatment will gain weight. Losing this weight after recovering can be challenging. For Most people, getting back in shape after chemo or radiation can be stressful. For this reason, it would be helpful to consult a personal trainer specializing in working with cancer patients to help you with your diet and weight loss issues. 

Skin Loss And Hair Loss

If you have undergone breast cancer treatment, you understand its effects on hair. Some patients experience total hair loss on the whole body, like pubic hair, eyelashes, and eyebrows. Once your therapy is over, and your doctor gives you the green light, there are many supplements and procedures that can help you get your hair back. These range from topical creams, supplements, shampoos, and oils right through to procedures like Kerastem hair loss treatment as well as hair grafts. For some patients, dry or flaky skin is common. Such changes may be a huge shock, especially to women who keep long hair. The case is worse for children who attach a significant value to their hair. After recovering, patients report growing hair with a different texture, which also affects their self-image. For others, a bald head is a reminder of poor health and the suffering of breast cancer. 

Effects On Sex Drive

The pain that comes with breast cancer may make sex uncomfortable. Sometimes it weakens an individual’s sex drive. Stress that results from the sickness tends to have the same impact on patients. Various people also report having low desire when it comes to sex after experiencing breast cancer. Sometimes, you may find yourself with the desire to have sex, but the pain weakens you. These are some of the changes that might affect one’s self-esteem. Patients report worrying about how their partners will respond to such changes. In most cases, such might result in, divorce, making the matter even worse. 

Low Self-Confidence

The changes experienced by breast cancer may make you feel unsure about yourself. It is no surprise to experience negative thoughts once in a while. It is common for breast cancer patients to feel unwanted or unfit for various life activities. There are also people who might make negative comments about your body changes. For some women, the loss of a once-curvy figure and loss of hair can make them feel less feminine. Losing a breast to many women takes away their confidence as they will never feel comfortable and sexy again. 

How Breast Cancer Affects Self-Esteem

Changes in body image affect the way you feel about yourself in various ways. It could be socially, physically, and even emotionally. Enhancing self-esteem can be daunting and it takes patience and positivity. You can check the internet for effective tips and save yourself from the frustrations and negativity that come with breast cancer.

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