How Does Live Casinos Function And Can Dealers Cheat?

You have probably read how live casino studios work with all their features and equipment. Dozens of reviews describe studios equipped with cameras for live broadcasting. Dozens of articles explain how dealers interact and chat with players. This is the case for each live casino, like But we’re going to go deeper into detail and analyze the very core of live dealer entertainment.

Software Control Unit

You may probably notice that dealers do not press any buttons to identify what players win and who lose when playing live casino games. Also, dealers do not have chips on game tables. Players see chips on the screens, while in reality, no such chips exist. All financial transactions are processed automatically by a programmed algorithm. All these actions are monitored by a special program, called the “brain”.

How is the Game Process controlled?

Each game table is equipped with a built-in scanner placed under a shoe. The show is a special box, where cards are kept. Dealers deal cards from these boxes. Thus, when distributing cards, each of them is scanned. Thus, the program understands what card each player gets.

If talking about roulette games, such scanners are installed under a roulette wheel and identify what sector a ball hits.

A control unit is where all this information is processed. Physically, it is a small box with circuit boards and other elements. The brain is responsible for counting points, holding statistics of game results, and appointing winners and losers. The control unit is rarely mentioned when talking about live dealer software but its value is difficult to overestimate.

How do Dealers Communicate with Players and monitor Card Dealing?

Dealers sit in an empty room, where no players are present. Still, they have a monitor in front of them. On the monitor, they see players. Thus, they can understand how many players are in the game, who leaves the game, and who is a newcomer.

Can Live Casinos Cheat?

How Does Live Casinos Function And Can Dealers Cheat?

Rumors about scams have always been present with gambling. Players want to convict online casinos of being cheating ones. However, no evidence is provided.

Here, the thing is that games are controlled by artificial intelligence. Live casino games are tested and certified by independent auditing agencies that conduct thorough testing of software. Dealers have no reason to cheat since they are not interested in it. Croupiers are hired by software developers but not casinos. Thus, their salary does not depend on the earnings of casinos.

As for software providers, such industry giants as Ezugi or Evolution Gaming are not interested in spoiling the reputation by producing cheating software. Bands are reputable enough to be involved in scandals and cheating schemes.

TOP Tips to Succeed in Live Dealer Games

If you want to play live dealer games with pleasure and profit, keep in mind the following pieces of advice:

1. Risk only 15% of the bankroll. For newbies, it is recommended to bet on no more than 12% of the available funds.

2. Demo mode is not available in the section. However, if you want to practice or try and master new strategies, you can play classic online casino games in demo mode and then switch to live croupier entertainment.

3. Set limits and leave the game when reaching them. Do not try to win more than you plan or recoup the lost funds. If the limit of wins or losses is reached, stop gambling.

Live casino is an excellent alternative to offline and online gambling. Live software allows playing with real dealers without leaving their homes. Yet, before starting such games, it is advisable to play at a classic online casino in demo mode for several days to get acquainted with games and their rules.

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