How Much Do YouTube Sponsors Pay to Bloggers?

Sponsorship on YouTube can be an excellent way to promote your brand or product, but how much do sponsorships pay?

How Much Do YouTube Sponsors Pay to Bloggers?

And what kind of return on investment can you expect? So, whether you’re planning to get sponsored on YouTube or are looking for ways to increase viewership on videos and grow your channels, keep reading for some valuable insights!

In this blog post, together with our expert, digital marketing specialist Damien Hong, we’ll explore YouTube sponsorship rates and what you need to do to earn them. We’ll also give you useful tips on what to do to get tempting YouTube sponsorship campaign offers. 

So how much are bloggers usually paid?

YouTube bloggers usually make a living from the ads they incorporate in their videos. How much does it cost to sponsor a YouTube video? Data shows that an average price per 1 view is $0.089, with the average income of 15-20 thousand dollars annually for each video Jukin Media hosts on its website. 

In general, the rate for YouTube videos is approximately $0-10 depending upon factors such as location or audience type. This amount may not seem very much considering the time and effort put into creating content, but if you still plan to monetize your content, keep in mind there are many more factors involved, such as traffic source, industry niche area, etc., all of which should be considered before making any conclusions based on one statistic alone!

Besides, YT bloggers usually get paid based on a percentage of the revenue they bring in. For example, if your video has 500k views and generates $1 million dollars’ worth, then you would receive about 5%. 

Now you know how much money do YouTubers make from sponsors. Your next step is to understand how exactly you can earn them with your content.

Factors that sponsors consider when paying bloggers

How Much Do YouTube Sponsors Pay to Bloggers?

YouTube makes it easy to monetize your blog by allowing you the option of setting up sponsorship deals. The company looks at a variety of factors when deciding how much it will pay for content. The main factors in this case are:

  • The number of subscribers the channel has.
  • The number of views one’s video usually gets.
  • One’s average watchtime.
  • The type of content YT bloggers create.

So if you want more exposure or higher royalty payments, then read this article to find out about the main factors.

The Number of Subscribers

Why is the number of subscribers important for sponsors? It’s a way of quantitative measurement and driving relevance. YouTube sponsorships are all about getting their brand in front of the right people. If you want to get paid for sponsored videos, remember that YouTube sponsorships are all about building a subscriber base.

Damien: The number of subscribers is a crucial factor because, as a sponsor, you want people to see your brand and listen in on what’s going down. It can help build awareness for future campaigns or just give feedback.

The Number of Views

The number of views an advertisement may receive is one more good measure for brands. All these plays an ad gets are important for sponsors because it lets them know that people are watching their advertisements. Sponsor ads need high numbers in order to be effective, which means if you want to charge for YouTube sponsorship, then make sure your videos have lots of views. More views mean that more people have watched and liked what you’ve created, which can help with attracting new sponsors for future videos.

Damien: Views are important for sponsors because they show how many people are interested in what they have to say. If the video gets enough hits, then its chances of being successful increase exponentially. If your video has 10 million viewers but only 1000 views, then there’s no way that someone may feel the need to sponsor a YouTube video of this kind.

Your Watchtime

Your channel watch time is an essential metric for sponsors to gauge the success of their advertising campaign. In a world where people are watching less traditional media, sponsorship opportunities often come with an intent to attract viewers who may not otherwise be interested in their brand.

This means that it’s important for brands looking into new partnerships or appropriations across all industries and content creators alike. They keep track of how many hours someone watches bloggers’ videos to determine what type of audiences they might reach out to on this or that channel.

How much do sponsors pay bloggers also depends on this point. The longer the watch time – the higher are the figures.

Damien: Watchtime is also something you should be tracking on your own analytics page so that when it comes time to announce new videos or collaborate with an advertiser in real-time through notifications, you’ll have all the necessary information at hand.

The content you make

When a sponsor becomes interested in working with one blogger over another, the reason may be because of how they think that particular person will promote their product. For example: if one runs a makeup or fashion channel, he or she won’t get car retailer offers, no matter how big and popular the channel is. By the way, the question of how much does a sponsor pay also depends on the product or service of the industry you are going to advertise.

Damien: A company’s decision on whether or not it wants its trademarked brand name mentioned in some channels largely depends upon how similar that blogger seems to their vision – after all, nobody wants people talking negatively about themselves online, right?

Where to find sponsors for your channel?

YouTube is a great platform for creating and monetizing videos, but it can be hard to get noticed. Luckily, there are some tried and true ways you can make your video more stand-out and find sponsors.

Just look for them online

How Much Do YouTube Sponsors Pay to Bloggers?

The first site people should check out when trying to find out where they can get paid for sponsorships online? Well, it’s YouTube itself, of course. You should also take advantage of social media sites like Facebook or Twitter for advertising purposes. Finally, think of the brands you like the most and contact them via email.

Damien: The first step is to be creative and think outside of the box. You can start by looking for companies that have an interest in your content, but don’t just limit yourself! Try checking out sites like LinkedIn – there might not always seem like a perfect fit at first glance, but eventually, you’ll find the brand to charge for sponsored videos.

Ask an agency for help

Working with an agency is a good yet quite a costly method. An influencers agency has a base of channels to help sponsors find the bloggers to advertise their products. The best part about it is that you don’t have to do any work on your end, they’ll take care of all aspects, such as posting content and promoting!

Damien: There are many advantages to working with influencer agencies. For example, they will definitely answer how much do advertisers pay YouTubers, the question often hidden by your potential YouTube rivals. However, there do come some risks, including potential legal issues if someone doesn’t agree upon terms beforehand.

Work on your channel and wait for offers

The secret to growing your channel is simple: just be creative and make high-quality, engaging content. It’s important to understand what your viewers want and how you can provide that for them.

If people enjoy your videos and think they’re worth watching, then you’ll have an easier time getting sponsored because more of your fans will want the product or service featured in one of those colourful advertisements incorporated in your videos.

How Much Do YouTube Sponsors Pay to Bloggers?

Damien: Not only should you focus on your content but also on the tone of voice that will be used in communication with potential sponsors. You can make it easy for them by creating a playlist or series about marketing strategies they might want to consider incorporating into their brand’s strategy – this way, there is something fresh and engaging at every turn!


It takes a lot of work to get YouTube sponsorship offers. You need to grow your channel and develop a following of dedicated fans. Once you have that, start reaching out to sponsors and see if there is any interest. Remember, it’s important to be selective about the sponsors you align yourself with – make sure they are a good fit for both you and your audience.

So, do sponsors pay YouTubers? They definitely do, so don’t miss your chance! Are you ready to put in the hard work necessary to land lucrative sponsorship deals? We hope so because the potential payoff is worth it!

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