How Not To Be A Tourist in Thailand

Uninformed travellers may find Thailand’s tourism to be rather expensive. Although you can visit Railay Beach and Phi Phi Island for just the entrance fee and enjoy everything that they have to offer, Thailand has a good amount of fascinating activities if you’re an adventurous traveller seeking something special off the beaten path.

The typical first-time visitor activities of island hopping, shopping in Bangkok, and partying in Phuket are not all that Thailand has to offer. Thailand offers a wide variety of activities and attractions, including superb food, magnificent landscapes, and a rich cultural past.

Thailand’s beauty lies in its roots, which are deeply ingrained in Thai history. Exploring some of the beloved pastime activities enjoyed by the locals is both refreshing and eye-opening.

We will review a few activities that are worth leaving your hotel room for, either on your own or with locals.

Visit a Football Game or other Spectator Sport

In Thailand, football is the most popular sport. It is played by professional football leagues as well as amateurs. Most visitors report that going to see a football game in Thailand has a more surreal feel than in other countries. Other fantastic spectator sports in Thailand are Thai volleyball and MuayThai (Thai Boxing). Boat racing and kite flying. The country has an interesting and dynamic sporting culture, and because the people are so kind, most visitors feel right at home.

Cooking Classes in Thailand

How Not To Be A Tourist in Thailand

The central area of Thailand is where a number of traditional Thai cuisines were created. There are significant cuisines that were developed by both the locals and the royal family. The majority of Thai foods have well-rounded, rich flavours that appeal to all of the senses. Fats, fish sauce, shrimp sauce, or other animal products are used in cooking to provide a base flavour. The majority of Thai culinary fundamentals mention an element of the kitchen that cannot be substituted with vegan products. The genuine flavour of Thai food would be distorted. The emphasis is on preserving Thai cultural history and traditional cooking. There are plenty of cooking classes available and it is an enriching experience to discover the local cuisine, especially for foodies.

Traditional Thai Tattoos

Certain tattoo designs are unique to Thai people. Traditional Thai tattoos are much more complex than you might think. They are created without the use of any machinery. Monks decorate them with a sharpened piece of bamboo or metal that has been dipped in dyes. The design is chosen for you based on your aura, and the tattoo is printed on your skin alongside a special prayer. The tattoo is thought to ward off evil spirits and danger. Dog tattoo designs, insane mechanical tattoo designs, and tattoos with mystic elements are among the tattoo designs.

Study Thai Language and Culture

How Not To Be A Tourist in Thailand

Thai culture is renowned for its vibrant holidays and festivals. Among the holidays are Chakkri Day, Chulalongkorn Day, and the queen’s and king’s birthdays. Additionally observed are coronation days, Visaka Bucha, and Magha Puja. You can arrange your travel and you’ll get to take part in the public celebrations. Building bonds and a sense of community with Thai people may be made easier by learning their language. There are 71 dialects of Thai, but you only need to learn the fundamentals.

Don’t only visit the tourist attractions when you are in Thailand; immerse yourself in the local culture to obtain a true flavour of the place. In Thai society, the family comes first. Thai people frequently refer to one another as brothers and sisters and the majority of generations coexist. Rather than their biological brother, this can be a cousin. The majority of Thai people are very attached to their hometowns. When a parent is far away, it is not unusual for a grandmother to raise the child. Most of the younger family members are also required to look after the older family members. 

Final Thoughts

There are many possibilities for activities outside of the typical tourist itinerary, depending on how long your trip to Thailand is. You might want to stick on the tourist trail if you’re only in Thailand for a short while and don’t want to miss out on the beauty and adventure of the place. But remember that venturing off the beaten path can turn out to be one of your trip’s highlights. To completely escape from it takes time, but the effort will be worthwhile.

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