How Smart Hotel Tech Is Enhancing Guest Experiences

A new study shows that hotel staff service is one of the leading performers for customer satisfaction. Are you doing enough to compete in such a customer-friendly industry?

To upgrade your hotel experience, you might have considered more attentive service – but have you ever considered using smart technologies?

Keep reading as we explore how smart hotel tech is enhancing guest experiences. Don’t miss out on the latest technologies to get that 5-star rating.

Smart Hotel Security Cameras

Smart hotel security cameras are the way forward for more agile and responsive hotel security. Hotel security guards must keep guests safe and ensure their items aren’t stolen during their stay.

However, security guards have a wide range of responsibilities that prevent them from consistently viewing and monitoring hotel security camera feeds. But, intelligent technologies are helping to resolve this issue.

When hotel security performs rounds and assists guests on the premises, they can stay up-to-date with security risks by checking surveillance cameras using a mobile app or browser-based application.

Additionally, cloud-based security cameras offer open API integrations, enabling security staff to enhance and upgrade the camera system with software integrations. Use software integrations to improve ROI and expand the function of your security hardware in the following ways:

  • Automated threat detection – you can apply AI software to your cloud-based security cameras. The tool uses object and behavior recognition to create alerts for suspicious activity detected onsite. Security staff can investigate the threat and begin planning response protocols from there.
  • Facial recognition software – applying facial recognition software to your security cameras allows you to use facial biometrics to enter the hotel facility. Guests will not need to hold on to a device or keycard to gain access, and you can eliminate the possibility of someone entering the premises with a stolen keycard.

A well-enhanced video camera system provides more agility for threat detection, creating more successful security response procedures. Keeping your guests safe and their belongings secure is the top priority for the guest experience.

Smart Access Control Systems

Access control isn’t just a security measure at your hotel – it’s also an important part of how the guests interact with your premises. Ensuring your guests can enter both the hotel and their rooms conveniently will help you enhance their experience and improve their impression of your hotel.

Smart access control systems provide the following benefits for the guest experience in hotels:

  • No more keycards – when guests arrive, they do not need to collect a keycard. Instead, they can simply download access credentials to their mobile devices. So, they cannot incur fees if they lose their keycard.
  • Convenient entry – guests can enter the building and their rooms without touching a button or inserting a keycard. They only need to wave their hand across the access control reader. This will trigger remote communication with their mobile devices to unlock the door.
  • First-time entry – mobile access control allows for entry on the first attempt. It simultaneously uses Bluetooth, WiFi, and cellular communication to ensure no failure. Guests won’t be left standing outside in the cold or outside of their hotel rooms for too long.

Smart access control also comes with the added benefit of open API integrations. You can apply software integrations to enhance the user experience at your hotels, such as visitor management software.

Visitor management software lets guests check in using their mobile devices, automating the visitor management process. This solution is handy if you wish to permit 24-hour check-in without increasing staff hours. All your guests need to do is fill out a quick registration form using their mobile devices. Once the form is complete, they can download access credentials to their mobile devices and check into the hotel.

Voice Assistant Technology

What better way to enhance the guest experience than to allow guests to activate lighting, heating, and devices in their rooms using their voices? Using voice assistant technology makes your rooms more convenient for guests and provides more accessibility. Those with disabilities can easily navigate the room’s heating, lighting, and AC units without moving around or reaching for switches.

Eco-Friendly Tech

You can allow your guests to control the appliances in their rooms using their mobile devices. If they want their rooms to be cool and comfortable upon returning from the beach, they can schedule their AC.

Using an app, they can switch on the AC or schedule it for when they return. This way, they won’t need to leave the AC on when they leave the room. They would be more comfortable during their stay without increasing the hotel’s energy costs. Sustainability is an increasingly in-demand attribute for hotels – paying attention to this demand will only improve your service.

Room Service Applications

Your guests can access room service and hotel amenities at the click of a button. They can use a mobile app to order food, fresh towels or reserve a cabana without traveling to the front desk. By implementing this technology, you can unify all requests from guests to streamline your guest management workflows. This will create speedier service and satisfy your guests during their stay.


Do robots seem a little futuristic? Many hotels already use them as an integral part of customer service. During the late hours, you can save money on staffing requirements by having handy room service and reception desk robots help your guests. Room service robots act as mechanical couriers, bringing food and beverages to rooms in the hotel. You can offer 24hr service without increasing the burden for your staff.


Is your hotel equipped with smart technology? There are many ways to enhance the guest experience without increasing your staffing budget. From creating easier check-in processes to enabling 24hr service, smart technologies can enhance your services for that 5-star experience. Which of these technologies would best improve your current service offering?

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