A Basic Guide For Security Guards Adjusting To Night Shifts

Is your security service providing night shift options too? Are your employees struggling with the transition to night shifts? We understand how stressful it could be! Working in the darkness when everyone’s gone to sleep can be very tedious. They are humans too!

It can affect their job performance and overall life due to fatigue. Are you concerned about their services going down because of this? Well, not to worry! Our help is at hand!

A Basic Guide For Security Guards Adjusting To Night Shifts

This article will provide you with some basic pointers to help your employees get accustomed to night shifts without compromising their health and well-being.

Plan Ahead:

Overnight jobs are challenging because of constantly changing shifts weekly or monthly. How can this be eased? It is crucial to plan everything before time so that your guards can schedule their life accordingly. By this, you can help them map their sleep regimen and plan their daytime with friends and family. You can gain maximum benefits by using security guard software with scheduling features.

Keep Hydrated:

Are you wondering how night shifts are associated with being hydrated? Your guards must drink enough water no matter which shifts they work. Water is an excellent source to keep guards alert and feeling fresh. Sleep can be interrupted if the person is dehydrated. Notify your guards with reminders of drinking water so that they are fresh throughout.

Adjust Sleeping Spaces:

It’s already a day when a night guard finishes their duty. Encourage them to adjust their bedroom according to existing conditions. How about asking them to install blackout curtains or blinds in the room? Talk to them about creating a cozy and comforting environment for their sleep.

Enjoy After Work:

You might be thinking about how someone can enjoy sometime after a hectic night shift. But that is possible! A night-shift security guard must treat night as their day. So, when they are back at home from work, they spend time like evening – watching series or enjoying a favourite beverage followed by a sound sleep. It is one of the best ways to spend “me time” and ensure a good quality sleep.

A Basic Guide For Security Guards Adjusting To Night Shifts

Set Reminders:

It is obvious that guards in this shift would take some extra time for sleep. As a service provider, you must ensure that the shifts are scheduled in a way that the guards are notified. This can be best done by using security guard scheduling software by THERMS that allows planning the shifts for guards. Everything ranging from locations to messages, calls, emails and reports can be hosted and accessed easily via this software. Clients, guards, and service providers can keep track of all the activities and schedules of all the security officers working on the premises. It is undoubtedly a good tool that can help officers remind them of their duties from time to time.

Do Not Overdo Caffeine:

Keep track of the amount of caffeine consumed by guards on shifts if possible. It may help them stay awake and alert but can interfere with their sleep pattern in the long run. They will be tempted to drink more tea and coffee – but suggest that they don’t! Provide some healthy options to your employees so that they work efficiently.

A Basic Guide For Security Guards Adjusting To Night Shifts

Plan Meals:

Food gives the energy to perform varied tasks. Some foods induce sleep and should be avoided just before the night shift. Meals should be planned accordingly to have optimal stamina to do the job. If guards stick to this routine, they will find it easier to fulfil their duty.

Night shift employees are subject to stress because of apprehending missing out on things around them. Initiate communication with them and provide them assistance regarding the issues they have. Make things easy for them by getting software that works automatically. We know that life of security guards can be challenging, but security officers should be proud because they are the reason for everyone’s peaceful sleep

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