How To Cut Curtain Bangs On Your Own At Home

Curtain bangs are becoming a common trend. Learn how to cut your own bangs at home here.

Beginners Guide For Cutting Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs styles are one of the timeless hairstyles for even celebrities. Bangs are a perfect way to go for short hairstyles if you are nervous about turning from long to short hair. Bangs are cute and versatile when it comes to styling. You can perfectly style them for an official event or design them flirty for a nightclub event.

There are so many benefits of having bangs; amazingly, you can cut them on your own. It is not a complicated process as long as you have the right tools and are patient with the process. This is a beginner’s guide on how to cut their own curtain bangs at home.

1. Use A Pair Of Hair-Cutting Shears With A Flat Comb

Cutting curtain bangs is not a job to do with your typical kitchen scissors, as most people would rush to. Regardless of how sharp the scissors are, there is importance in using the required tools for the right purpose.

Using a pair of hair-cutting shears has the benefit of getting the clean and sharp cut that is needed for bangs. Your bangs should look professional regardless of whether they were done by one or not. The required professional looks are not something you can achieve by using the wrong tools for the job.

Ensure you have the right tools with you before starting the cutting process. You can either buy yours from any store or borrow from a friend if you are working on a tight budget. Ensure you also get a flat comb too if you do not own one already.

2. Get Your Inspiration Picture 

An image of the bangs you want to get at the end of the process is very important. The image provides a guide and inspiration on the results you are looking for at the end of the process. 

You can find the image of the kind of bangs you want online or on different online sites. You can use as many images as you want to help you want as it does not have to be necessarily one image.

3. Make Sure To Detangle Your Locks Before Cutting

It is always important to work with detangled hair when doing any kind of cutting. This is an important step before you start cutting your hair into curtain bangs.

 It does not matter if you usually cut your hair wet or dry. Ensuring it is detangled before starting the process is important to attain a uniform length after the cutting.

You should, however, work with dry hair when making bangs. If you have to wash your hair first or, by any chance, it is wet by the time you need to do the cutting; you can use a blow dryer to ensure it is completely dry.

4. Create A Middle Part And Section Your Manes

This is a very important step for this hairstyle. Ensure you carefully part your hair at the center and determine the top of your head. In this step, you will be required to use the flat comb to create a perfect part at the center, starting from the front to the top of your head.

A flat comb is important to ensure you can lay out your bangs uniformly and distribute them evenly per your styling needs.

5. Tri The Bangs Evenly Across The ChinLevel

It is important to start cutting the hair to a longer length than you need. This is because you can always do more cutting, but you can’t put the hair back once it has been cut. 

Starting with a longer length gives room for adjustments in case of mistakes, especially if you are a beginner or still learning.

This step is simple. You are required to run a comb through the hair until you reach the chin. Once you are on chin level, get your two first fingers between the hairs below the position of the comb. 

The fingers should hold the hair tightly for the purpose of uniformity of the curtain bangs. Once you are sure you have the hair in position, remove the comb and replace it with the shear right below the fingers where you do the cutting.