How to Grow Your Hair Longer and Healthier

When you want to grow your mane out, it likely seems to grow at a frustratingly slow pace. The good news is that there are a few ways to speed up the process. While there is no miracle product to give you perfect hair overnight, you can expect it to grow about half an inch each month if you keep it in good condition.

Consider a Scalp Scrub or Clarifying Product

Your scalp health affects the speed at which your strands grow. A healthy scalp means your hair will be stronger and healthier. One way you can improve scalp health is to use a clarifying product. It can become inflamed because of environmental factors and product buildup. When you ensure the follicles stay clean, you prevent clogging and oil buildup. Your hair type will determine how often you need to clarify and the best products. However, you can browse an online collection of clarifying, shampoo without sulfate to reduce buildup and irritation.

Get Trims, Not Cuts

How to Grow Your Hair Longer and Healthier

It is a good idea to avoid cutting your hair whenever possible, even if you only want to take an inch or so off. It is easy for something to go wrong, especially since you won’t have the same angle as another person. Let the stylist know you are growing it out, so ask them to take off as little as possible. Tell them to only remove the split ends but to maintain your length. Patience is the key to getting long hair, so try not to avoid the trims. Removing split ends will prevent the split from travelling further up the shaft. It’s often a good idea to get a trim a couple of times each year. If it has been bleached or damaged, you might want to get even more frequent trims. Your stylist can let you know when to schedule another appointment.

Avoid Bleaching or Colouring Your Strands

How to Grow Your Hair Longer and Healthier

If you have dark hair, you will likely have to choose between having it long and dark or short and blonde. When you bleach or add highlights, your mane quickly becomes overprocessed, leading to breakage. When your hair is breaking off as fast as it is growing in, it might seem like you are not gaining any length at all. If you decide to go for longer, darker hair, you can switch to a darker colour so everything looks the same. Still, remember that it is best to avoid any processing or colour if possible.

Consider Deep Conditioning

How to Grow Your Hair Longer and Healthier

It is a good idea to keep your hair nourished as you grow it out. Even though it is made of dead cells, you can still reduce damage and split ends by doing a deep conditioning treatment every week or so. That helps keep each of the shafts smooth and sealed. Make this part of your regular routine so you regularly prevent too much damage. Choose a product based on your hair type, since certain minerals, vitamins, or oils can be more beneficial for some people.