Keep Your Hair Healthy And Strong With These Care Tips

Hair fall is an increasing concern among people of all age groups worldwide. The growing stress levels, unhealthy lifestyle, and eating habits are some of the contributors. Trichologists believe that increase in stress levels is the primary cause of hair fall in most people. Besides that, genetics, age, and underlying health concerns could also contribute to the hair fall problems that a person battles.

Sadly, the stress from a thinning hairline only further aggravates hair loss, and the vicious circle continues. If you are stuck in the endless rut of stressful life causing hair fall, and the hair falls adding stress to your life, read on. In this article, we have tried to cover a few expert-approved tips which will help you have healthy and strong hair.

Do Not Leave Wet Hair

Keep Your Hair Healthy And Strong With These Care Tips

It is important to wash your hair often to ensure there is no dust or dirt. But this does not mean that you should leave your hair wet for a long duration. Hair is most susceptible and vulnerable to damage and breakage when it is wet. If you sleep with wet hair, the natural oils and the moisture get absorbed by the pillow, leaving your hair dehydrated and suitable for breakage. 

Make sure you dry your hair as soon as you wash it. Investing in a cordless hair dryer will help you dry your hair anywhere without having to worry about the power supply, cord length, etc. And you can hit the bed or head out in a few minutes after you wash your hair. 

Use Conditioner

Keep Your Hair Healthy And Strong With These Care Tips

Apply the shampoo on your scalp and wash it to cleanse the dirt and oil. Focus on cleaning the scalp rather than just washing your hair. Make it a habit to follow it up with a conditioner every time. Apply some conditioner to your palm and run it through the length of your hair. Comb it to ensure the conditioner is evenly spread on every strand from the roots to tips. Leave it on for a few minutes before washing it clean. Conditioner treats dryness, decreases static electricity, and prevents breakage. 

Alternatively, you can switch to a two-in-one, which has both shampoo and conditioner in it, if you cannot spend ample time grooming your hair.  If you have oily hair or scalp, wash it often. While oiling your hair is a great practice, do not leave it on for several days or even overnight. Also, make it a point never to apply oil to dirty hair. This increases the dirt deposits and might cause further breakage.

Watch Your Diet

Keep Your Hair Healthy And Strong With These Care Tips

The food you eat has a great impact on your skin, nails, and hair look. Starchy foods and food rich in sugar, mercury, etc., are bad for your hair. Avoid swordfish, aerated drinks, and refined grains if you are battling hair fall. These only aggravate the problem further. Instead, switch to a diet that is rich in proteins and vitamins. 

You should include many fresh vegetables, greens, and fruits like broccoli, spinach, blackcurrant, kiwi, orange, papaya, etc. In other words, include foods that are rich in biotin, protein, Vitamin C, D, and E, iron, and Omega-3 fatty acids. Consuming healthy food and cutting down on alcohol will naturally improve hair health. And it will give you the long lustrous hair that everyone would envy. 

Massage Your Scalp

Keep Your Hair Healthy And Strong With These Care Tips

You might have wondered just how fast does hair grow and how can I help the process to get healthier and thicker hair faster? Well, research suggests that a regular scalp massage increases the thickness of your hair by stretching the cells in the hair follicles. This increases the blood flow to the scalp. You can either use your fingertips or a scalp massager, both of which will remove product remains and excess oil while making your scalp healthier. While a massage cannot promote hair growth, it improves scalp health, which promises healthy hair.

Get a Haircut

Keep Your Hair Healthy And Strong With These Care Tips

If you are trying to have long hair, this could sound like an oxymoron. But haircare experts suggest that getting a haircut will help your hair grow stronger and longer. When you cut your hair, you get rid of the split ends and unhealthy hair. Split ends begin at the rips and find their way up through the entire length of the hair. Cutting them out will leave you with a scalp of healthy hair. You can get a trim every six to eight weeks based on the damage and hair growth. 

If you are not sure when to get a haircut, look for these signs. If your hair has colour damage, split ends, or your hair has gone flat. It is time to visit the salon. Make sure to treat your hair to a good spa treatment along with the haircut. This will nourish your hair from within and add that extra shine to your new look.

We hope these tips help you have the healthy locks you have always dreamt of. If you continue to have excessive hair fall, visit a trichologist for a  professional diagnosis.

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