How To Have A Luxury Business Trip To London

London is a global business hub and one famed for its rich cultural and social heritage. Travelling to the capital for business is a fantastic opportunity to experience more than just conference rooms and offices. There are many ways to indulge yourself while in London for work if you’re willing to spend a little more. Let’s explore what a luxury business trip in London might feature.

Private Transport

How To Have A Luxury Business Trip To London

Whether you’re arriving at Heathrow or any one of the numerous train stations in London – your choice of inner-city transport will massively dictate your enjoyment of the journey. For a luxury business trip, you’ll ideally want to be greeted by an executive chauffeur to take you to your destination. Fortunately, you’ll miss the busy streets and crowded underground lines, but travelling across London by car can take a while. If you don’t need a personal chauffeur for the extent of your trip, then perhaps hailing a black cab or booking a private hire taxi online should suffice.

Accommodation Choices

How To Have A Luxury Business Trip To London

Your accommodation choice will also significantly influence your sense of fulfilment and enjoyment whilst in London. As a business traveller, you may want an option that offers you more room to play with, whether it be for work or leisure purposes. There are many luxury serviced apartments in a range of locations around London which can provide you with a base of operations during your stay. The more premium locations such as Waterloo and Knightsbridge will give you easy access to places of leisure after your working day is done.

Food and Drink

34 Mayfair Restaurant Food

Food and drink are a superb way to maintain morale during and after your business proceedings for the day. You’ll be able to find a perfect spot for lunch in most parts of the city, or you may want to order something to your working space or accommodation. In the evening there is a wide array of bars and restaurants to take your pick from. Soho and Covent Garden are bustling in the evenings and should give you plenty to choose from whatever cuisine you are fancying.

Leisure Activities

Annabel’s Reopens With Immersive Recreation Of Klimt’s Masterpieces
The Rose Room at Annabel’s in London.

It may be a business trip, but London has so much to offer when it comes to attractions and leisure. You could have an evening stroll along the River Thames, get a birds-eye view of London from The Shard or enjoy some entertainment in the West End. There’s plenty to keep you occupied before you return to your serviced apartment for some downtime and sleep.

If you’re travelling to London and looking to indulge yourself in some luxury, consider some of these tips above. A business trip to London will be like no other in the UK, so make the most of it.