How to Have an Unforgettable (Edible!) Art Day

Art projects can be a great way for parents and foster carers to bond with children. Getting creative together allows you to make memories while expressing yourselves artistically.

In this article, we’ll explore fun edible art projects that are sure to lead to an unforgettable art day!

Set Up an Art Station

How to Have an Unforgettable (Edible!) Art Day

To start, set up an art station where you can get messy! Cover the table with a plastic tablecloth or newspapers. Gather your art supplies like brushes, pots, and any other fun materials you want to use.

Make sure to include items like cookie cutters, sweets, and cereals to create edible art later on. If you are a foster carer, use some of your allowance from Orange Grove Foster Care to cover the cost. Having everything ready will make the art projects run smoothly.

Make Homemade Paint

Whip up a batch of edible homemade paint to kick things off. Simply mix two cups of water, two tablespoons of sugar, a third of a cup of cornstarch and some food colouring to small paint pots.

Add a drop more water if needed to thin out the paint. Provide paintbrushes and thick paper or canvas so you can paint masterpieces with your edible paints.

Sculpt Creative Clay Creations

Make your own clay by mixing two cups of flour, one cup of salt and half a cup of water. Give each child a ball of clay and let them sculpt animals, shapes, or anything they can imagine.

Insert sweets, nuts or googly eyes to decorate the sculptures. Then allow the clay creations to air dry before enjoying your edible artworks!

Make Edible Stamp Art

How to Have an Unforgettable (Edible!) Art Day

Cut simple shapes like circles, squares, or stars out of slices of fruits and vegetables. Dip the stamps in the edible paint you made earlier.

Stamp creative designs onto rice paper or waffles to make a delicious work of art you can frame or eat when done. Potatoes, apples, and carrots work great for stamps.

Design Candy Necklaces and Jewellery

Using laces or string, create wearable art in the form of edible candy necklaces and bracelets. Let the kids bead a variety of cereals, mini marshmallows, dried fruits, pretzels, nuts and any other items with holes onto the laces.

Tie the ends together when finished for candy jewellery they’ll love to eat after wearing. The children can customise their creations with their favourite colours and textures.

Make Edible Collages

Edible materials like sliced fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, crackers, cookies, pretzels, dried fruits, cereals, candies and marshmallows can also make great collages.

Let the kids create colourful collages by arranging and sticking the items onto a plate or cardboard canvas using small amounts of icing, melted chocolate or peanut butter as “glue.” Once the masterpiece is complete, you can snap a picture before digging into the edible collage!

With a little creativity, art time can easily be made edible and fun for parents and kids. Set up a station, make paints and clay out of food, and turn sweets and cereals into art materials.

Your art day will spark your imaginations while letting you bond over getting messy and creative together. The best part is you get to eat your art afterwards!

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