How To Incorporate Your Personal Style Into Your Wedding Day Look: Groom Edition

It feels like brides get all the love when it comes to wedding planning and style. There’s a treasure trove (or Pandora’s Box, depending on your perspective) of options out there that brides-to-be can try on for size.

Fellas, you haven’t been forgotten about! You want to stand out on your wedding day, and why wouldn’t you? Cool men’s wedding bands aren’t the only way to put your personal spin on your wedding day (though they sure help)! Let’s turn your style game up to 11 and make your look unforgettable!

Dress It Down

How To Incorporate Your Personal Style Into Your Wedding Day Look: Groom Edition

You look good, you feel good, as the saying goes. But let’s flip that on its head for a moment. If you live your life one hoodie at a time, maybe a tuxedo isn’t where you feel comfortable. Would you look dynamite in one? Yeah, absolutely, but that’s not the point.

Let’s start with feeling good. No, you can’t wear a hoodie to your wedding, but you can reach for a happy medium. Go for a more casual look. Maybe you want a pair of nice dark-wash denim with some leather boots and a simple button-down. If that’s where you feel good, then throw it on! Maybe you want to go for dress pants and a button-down but ditch the jacket. Who’s going to say you can’t? Not us!

You want to look good for your wedding. Get your grooming in order (pun absolutely intended) and put on something nice, but don’t feel pressured to dress up well beyond what feels like you.

Have Fun With Colors

How To Incorporate Your Personal Style Into Your Wedding Day Look: Groom Edition

Who says you have to wear a black suit with a white shirt and black tie? Are you trying to get a cameo in a Men in Black music video? If you want to get out of the style box, this is the day to do it! There are lots of suits out there beyond the traditional black, gray, and navy that look incredible. Explore your options!

Maybe a forest green suit is out of your comfort zone. Fair enough. While we think they look great, non-traditional suits aren’t for everyone, and that’s perfectly fine. Get creative with your accessories, then. Go for fun socks or ties. Even just little pops of color on an otherwise traditional suit will make you stand out.


How To Incorporate Your Personal Style Into Your Wedding Day Look: Groom Edition

Accessories are key in any guy’s style setup. Want to look memorable immediately? Throw on some fun accessories. A cool watch or classic suspenders can go a long way if that’s the kind of style you dig. Maybe base your accessories around the his and hers wedding ring sets you and your significant other are considering.

How about cufflinks? A set of custom cufflinks will make you want to break them out more than once or twice in your entire life. Monogrammed cufflinks look great and make you look like a high-end style phenom, so win-win.

If you’re looking for still another way to accessorize, consider a boutonniere. You can get incredibly creative with these in terms of colors and materials, and it’s a simple way to add flair.

Go Custom (Or At Least Tailored)

How To Incorporate Your Personal Style Into Your Wedding Day Look: Groom Edition

Every dude should own a well-fitted suit. If made-to-measure is in the budget, awesome. If you can’t afford a good made-to-measure (avoid cheap custom suits; they’re rarely worth it), that’s all good. Get a suit you like off the rank and get it tailored. It won’t cost you nearly as much, but we guarantee people will think it’s expensive because of how well it fits.

We recommend against renting a suit for your wedding day. If you’re someone who’s never going to wear a suit besides your wedding day, then, sure. However, most guys are going to have at least a few occasions to wear a suit. If that’s you, take the plunge. It is 100% worth it to buy a suit that fits you well.

While you’re at it, getting a monogram on your suit is a great personalization option. You can get a monogram wherever you like, but the most popular choice is near the interior pocket. Getting it below the collar is another good option. Whether you want your initials, the date of your wedding, or something else entirely is up to you, but it’ll make your suit even more unique.


Texture may be the most underappreciated aspect of men’s style. If you know how to style both colors and textures, you are well ahead of 90% of guys out there. Maybe you want a wool suit to go with a more rugged look for a fall wedding. Maybe you want to go linen and really lean into summer. Whatever it is, don’t be hemmed in by the texture and look of traditional suits if that doesn’t fit your style.

However you go about it, lean into what feels right. Your wedding day is your chance to express yourself and your love for your fiancé, so make the choices that will help you feel most confident when you step up to the altar.

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