Garden Weddings Are in Trend! Check How to Effortlessly Style Your Space?

Are you looking for beautiful decoration trends to style your space for your wedding? 

Well! Every person wants to get married at the dream wedding venue. 

You can book a large ballroom to a beautiful wedding garden for your marriage. However, a wedding garden is the best choice to celebrate your big day with a trendy touch. 

FUN FACT: You can style your space according to your dreams effortlessly. The styling and decoration can be a difficult step for many couples. However, there are many ideas that you can use for a perfect destination wedding photographer

Explore our complete article to get ideas to effortlessly style your dream wedding.

Garden Weddings Are in Trend! Check How to Effortlessly Style Your Space?

Effective Ways to Transform Your Garden for Wedding Occasion:

Many people want to add a personal touch to their wedding occasion. However, wedding planning can turn out to be one of the stressful yet amazing experiences. You can create your own DIY wedding decoration to transform your garden. 

PRO TIP: According to Nigel John, you don’t need to be so creative and smart to plan your wedding. Moreover, there are tons of simple ideas that you can use to effortlessly plan your dream wedding. However, you can create your dream wedding vision by simply personalized decoration ideas. 

The transformation of your garden into a wedding venue is a great way to plan your dream wedding. However, you can style and decorate according to your dream and requirements. 

There are a lot of effective ideas for the decoration of a dreamy garden wedding. 

1. Create and Divide Space with Trees:

Do you want to create earthy, rustic, and boho wedding spaces? The use of trees and branches is a great way to achieve this look. However, you can create a calm and cozy environment by simply using trees and branches.

PRO TIP: You can also use trees and plants to divide your garden space.  It can create an illusion of an intimate and cheerful environment. However, wedding planning expert Rosie Kelly believes trees can totally transform the energy of a space. 

You can completely change a big space into an intimate and romantic space with trees. 

Moreover, a simple tree arrangement around the room perimeter can divide space. It also gives an intimate and cozy touch to your garden wedding.

Garden Weddings Are in Trend! Check How to Effortlessly Style Your Space?

2. Use Color Theme to Your Advantage:

Different colors have different feels and advantages. 

PRO TIP: You can use white flowers or decorations to make your space seem airy and wide. In case you have a large space, dark colors can help to make it seem cozy and small. 

Moreover, wedding expert Alexa Penberthy recommends using different color themes according to your advantage. You should opt for bold contrasting colors with large patterns. 

PRO TIP: Always use contrasting colors. However, it gives a large space illusion. In addition, it also unifies different areas of your wedding venue. 

3. Use Lightening for Decoration:

No doubt, the right lightning décor can entirely transform your garden wedding. However, you can create lots of creative decorations with lighting on stress free wedding day

PRO TIP: You can use different lighting to create a romantic and intimate environment. However,  you can use candles and chandeliers to add an extra glow and intimate feel to your space. 

A spotlight can be used to create a cozy and warm touch to the venue. Moreover, you can also cover areas with dim lights that you don’t want to highlight. 

4. Use Pipe and Drapes for Decoration:

When it comes to giving an intimate feel to a place, drape never fails. Expert wedding planners suggest using drapes and pipes to add an intimate touch. However, you can use a draped ceiling to create an illusion of a smaller space in a garden wedding. 

Luke Bell states that Drapes can also be used to section your space. Moreover, it gives guests a cozy and intimate feeling rather than a hollow space. 

PRO TIP: Moreover, Drapers are an effective way to style your big garden effortlessly in a cozy and beautiful way.

5. Arrange Mix Up Seating:

Seating is a great component of wedding planning. A square or rectangular table is a great choice for a garden wedding. 

However, they acquire more space and adjust the same number of guests that round tables do. It is a great seating way to fill up your large space. PRO TIP: In case you have a small space round table is the best choice. You can also opt for king-sized tables for guest seating. However, it allows you to have plenty of space to style and décor your space. It creates maximum room to use available space for decoration.

Garden Weddings Are in Trend! Check How to Effortlessly Style Your Space?

6. Floral Ceiling Décor:

You can suspend decoration items and flowers with ceiling to create your dream vision. Ceiling décor items, whether it is candles, flowers, or chandeliers, can transform your space. 

PRO TIP: You can create a dramatic and intimate setting with floral ceiling décor. However, you can use suspended décor items to lower your ceiling. 

Beautiful flowers, paper lanterns, or drum shades can be used for ceiling décor. However, you can add a personalized touch to a garden wedding with these items. 

7. Use a Backdrop:

You can create a fun focal point with a customized backdrop. However, a beautiful monogram with lots of flowers and candles is a great décor idea.

FACT: Experts recommend ceiling décor to add an extra glow to your theme. However, you can hang these décor items with the ceiling by using magnetic hooks. 

Also, you can use a big fabric panel to set this decoration. You can place it at the entrance or use it as a photo booth. You can consider drum shades, chandeliers, and paper lanterns for ceiling décor. PRO TIP: Drapes, ribbons, and floral ceiling are also suggested for creating a small cozy space illusion. However, it will end up as a beautiful and intimate decoration.

Garden Weddings Are in Trend! Check How to Effortlessly Style Your Space?

8. Purposeful Clustering:

Most people spread out everything when they have a big space. Moreover, it might work for you, but it is not the right way. 

PRO FACT: Wedding expert Matt Horan in the UK suggests creating a walkway layout between seating and the dance floor. However, you can purposefully cluster different things towards the main point. It creates a beautiful feeling that it is the main point. 

You can find decorative walkways with beautiful flowers or candles. Many other décor items can also be used for personalized walkways. 

Final Verdict:

A wedding day is one of the most unforgettable days in a person’s life. Almost every person has some dreams and ideas to make it more special. 

However, you can style your garden wedding space according to your personal style effortlessly!

PRO TIP: Remember to get permission from the venue manager before the installation of any décor pieces. However, you don’t want to get told on the final day that lights are installed in the wrong position.  

You might want to discover some trendy and beautiful ideas for venue styling. Don’t worry; we’ve got your back. 

We come up with the most beautiful and trendy garden wedding-style ideas. However, these are good points to start your garden wedding decoration.

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