How To Modify Your Everyday Look

Stuck in a rut with your style? Deciding what to wear every day can be difficult when you don’t have a stylist putting your outfits together for you.

While mainstream fashion has made it easier than ever to access stylish pieces that resemble designer trends, not all of us have the time or ability to coordinate our outfits seamlessly while also trying to grab a coffee and run out the door on time in the morning.

So, whether you’re bored with your current style, or you are struggling for inspiration, below we have some top tips for how to modify your everyday look.

What Are The Benefits of Changing Your Style?

Style should be about representing the inner you on the outside, not about following the latest trend. While it’s great to have the latest flared trousers or nude-coloured gym set, it’s important to add your own flare to your style to be true to yourself and ensure you feel most comfortable.

Plus, if you’re not feeling too confident in your own skin, switching up the way you look is the perfect way to help yourself gain a new sense of pride and confidence. After all, when you look good, you feel good. Let’s see how easy it is to change up your everyday look below.

Get A haircut

Your hair frames your face and can have a big impact on your look. In today’s world, it’s never been easier to get your dream hair thanks to the latest technology. Have short hair but always dreamed of long locks? No problem! Simply do some research on the best type of extensions for you and get on over to the salon.

Why not try adding some highlights to your hair or get some bangs cut in too? Face framing pieces can make an everyday ponytail look far more chic.

Switch Up Your Makeup

Tired of the same old everyday makeup routine? Why not go cold turkey on the makeup for a week and see how it feels?

Not only will you get some valuable time back in the morning, but your skin will be able to breathe better too.

Style Up Your Sweats

Bored of your casual look? Why not up your casual game while keeping it comfy by trying stacked sweatpants? Stacked sweatpants offer a 70’s rockstar vibe, making your casual look way cooler than usual.

Stacked sweatpants are part of the urban streetwear look, in which you can choose from stacked denim or stacked cotton sweatpants. The extra material on the legs stacks up when worn, while the fit around your ankle remains snug to prevent them from trailing on the floor.

Try Some Different Trouser-Styles

How To Modify Your Everyday Look

Always wearing skinny jeans? By simply changing up the type of trousers you wear, you could significantly change your everyday look. Some other types of trousers to consider include:

  • Twill chinos – Embrace your old-school masculinity by wearing twill chinos with a t-shirt and an easy-going pair of shoes.
  • Relaxed leg trousers – Tired of squeezing on skinny jeans? Try relaxed-leg trousers with a fitted shirt and some striking sneakers. The Levi’s 501 cut is perfect for this look.
  • Wool trousers – Style with tailored separates or as a smart casual getup with a pair of sneakers.

Throw Away Your Ideas Of Conventional Fashion

Sometimes we can get stuck in a rut because we’re trying to fit the mould of what we should look like in order to be fashionable. By dressing to suit your own personal style, you’ll not only be more engaged and have more fun but also feel more confident and authentic too.

Take Harry Styles as an example. While he originally dressed as a clone of other typical boy band members in his Jack Wills hoodies and bright-coloured sneakers, he’s not one of the most famous fashion icons out there and he isn’t afraid to blur the lines of men’s fashion either.

Overall, by making some simple adjustments to your everyday look and by changing your mindset, you can create significant results for your style, as well as your state of mind.

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