How To Pick The Slingo Game For You

The game called Slingo has become a phenomenon at casino sites, pleasing existing fans and helping to attract new ones.

Two of the types of gaming that people most enjoy are slot games and bingo, so a format that blends the two is pretty much guaranteed to be a hit. That is precisely what the game known as Slingo is and it has caught on like wildfire.

Slingo was invented back in 1994 by Sal Falciglia Sr and he set up a company named Slingo Inc. so that he could promote his creation. The game was initially launched to the public via the US-based internet portal AOL.

It captured the imaginations of people right from the start and it is now among the most widely-played types of betting games. A big part of the reason for that is that the game appeals equally to fans of bingo and slots.

How To Find The Right Slingo Games For You

So if you have now concluded that this game is something you would like to try, the first thing that you will have to do is find a place with Slingo games on offer. They are easily available online, but Slingo involves betting money and not every website is one that you can trust.

One well-established provider of Slingo games is Rainbow Riches Casino and it really does make sense to pick a site like that. Not only are you guaranteed fair and honest gaming, but you will also have a very wide range of Slingo games to choose from.

That will greatly increase your chances of finding the ones that you like playing. The next stage is to learn how the game works before you actually start putting any cash into it.

The Rules Of Slingo

Slingo mixes up bingo and slots by presenting a standard online bingo card – it is most often a 90-ball one – but in the shape of a five-by-five slot grid. There is a spin button that you click on to start the game and this sets the reels moving.

Ultimately the aim is to get horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines of matching numbers, with ones that match getting marked off the grid each time. Matching rows of five mean you have Slingo and will be winning a cash prize.

That is the basic idea behind the game. However, in the modern era, there are Slingo games with many different themes that expand upon that root format.

There are also elements drawn from slots games like wilds that can be useful when trying to get those matching rows. It is a fairly simple set-up and that contributes to its widespread popularity, but there are people who swear by strategic Slingo play.

Both slots and bingo are generally seen as games that boil down to luck rather than planning, but a lot of players feel that strategizing brings better results for them. The third step in picking the right game for you is to learn a little about these.

Top Slingo Strategies

Here are some of the strategies that Slingo players commonly deploy during the games.

  • Avoid overspending on extra spins

The extra spins feature in Slingo games can be a good way of getting the last couple of numbers needed for a winning line or even a full house. On the other hand, they do not come for free.

Given that you have to buy them, it makes sense to consider whether the potential prize money will be worth the investment.

  • Look for Slingo games with bonus rounds

Just like slots, some Slingo games have bonus rounds whereas others do not. You should always choose games that have them, because they usually offer more chances to win some money.

They are also more interesting and fun to play.

  • Look for multipliers

Another Slingo pointer is to try to find games with win multipliers. These can seriously stack up your winnings compared with standard ones, but you must also pay attention to the game’s return to player (RTP).

If that percentage is too low, it will act against the multiplier.

  • Keep your discipline

Like all forms of gambling, you must know when to stop playing Slingo. Whether you are winning or losing, there will be a time to walk away for the night.

Picking The Right Game Will Ensure Enjoyment

Those are some tips for the sort of Slingo games that could give you the best chances of a win. Ultimately it is not all about that though, as having fun is every bit as important.

The right Slingo game for you may not contain all of those features, but if you enjoy playing it, that doesn’t matter. Some people are more attracted by a game with a theme that appeals and it is ultimately a form of entertainment above all else.

Sites like Rainbow Riches have Slingo games based on everything from ancient Rome to hit television shows. As long as you know what you want from the experience it will be easy to find the right one from the many Slingo games on the market. Slingo combines the best parts of both online slots and bingo games to produce something that is familiar and yet also different. People all over the world are playing and winning at it, so why not join them.

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