How to Plan a Luxury Vacation

With global travel back in full swing and several vacation and travel providers offering discounts and incentives to get people excited about booking holidays again, now might be the time to plan that luxury vacation you had to put on hold. But with so many vacation options, picking the one you’ll enjoy most may not be that easy. Below are some ideas for vacation activities, picking a destination and finding the right package. 

 Decide on Your Preferred Activities

From spending your entire vacation laying in the sand under the sun to exploring a new country, what you want to do on your vacation will largely decide your destination and itinerary. Below are a few common activities during a luxury vacation.

 Do a Casino Night

Dressing up to the nines (a la James Bond), enjoying a gourmet dinner, and then hitting the tables at a casino is a common luxury vacation pastime.

Whether you’re a pro at predicting an opponent’s poker hand based on betting patterns, know the basic blackjack rules when others are at the table, or your gaming preference is as simple as playing odd or even at the roulette table, the thrill of risking a little cash at the chance to win more can add another dimension of excitement to your vacation. Always gamble responsibly, however, by setting aside a relatively disposable amount of money and not allowing yourself access to any more on the night of, just to be on the safe side.

 Go on Safari

How to Plan a Luxury Vacation

On the other end of the spectrum is another thrilling activity that allows you to see endangered species of animals in their natural habitats. There are walking, boat and motorized tours, safaris that take you off the beaten path and differing levels of proximity to the animals. Read reviews to get a better idea of which ones match your desire for getting an up-close look at the wild you can’t get in a zoo.

 Tour a Winery

If you’re a connoisseur, it only makes sense to see the vineyard, speak with the vintner and see how your favourite wine is produced. Touring wineries teaches you about the harvesting procedure, grape selection, fermentation and bottling and gives you a deeper appreciation for wine that will help your selection process for your collection (and gifts for friends.) 

You also get to enjoy the beautiful scenery and fresh air, sample other wines and learn more about food pairings from the experts.

 Boat Tours and Water Sports

How to Plan a Luxury Vacation

Many luxury vacation destinations offer boat tours that give you a different perspective of the country you visit that you don’t get on land. There are day tours, day & night tours and tours that last several days. Either way, you can see the local wildlife, do some fishing, experience the sunset on the water and bond with your family as you do a mini cruise during your vacation.

If you’re leaning towards a tropical destination, you’ll likely have plenty of opportunities for water sports, including:

  • Surfing & kite surfing
  • Scuba diving & snorkelling
  • Kayaking
  • Wakeboarding

Just be sure to confirm that they offer lessons and that you get certified before going scuba diving.

Choosing a Destination and Luxury Vacation Package

How to Plan a Luxury Vacation

While researching the best places to fulfil your desired activities, you’ll likely have reached a verdict on where your destination will be. To help turn that plan into a reality, decide on your budget, research the best time of year to visit your destination, compare accommodations and look for travel packages that include everything you want to do. Before you finalize your luxury vacation, do a quick check to ensure that there aren’t any travel health notices regarding your destination and enjoy!

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