How To Plan For Travel In Retirement

All things being well, retirement should be the stage in our lives where we are rewarded for a life well lived with 20 to 30 years of relaxation and joy.

But simply getting there isn’t enough anymore. To ensure you reach retirement and can go on all those incredible tours of Europe and cruises of the Caribbean without worrying about running out of your nest egg funds, a certain amount of planning is required these days.

So, to help you to make the most of your retirement and travel the world in style, we’ve put together an easy-to-follow plan of action.

How To Plan For Travel In Retirement

Start Planning Way In Advance

Even if you’re only in your 30s or 40s, you should already be planning for your retirement. Make a bucket list of what you want to do when you give up work and create a rough budget mapping out how much it will all cost.

Of course, inflation means that you should always leave a fair amount of wiggle room but having a rough figure in mind will allow you to understand how much you should be setting aside every month or year for your retirement.

How To Plan For Travel In Retirement

Assess Your Health And Fitness

You might have said you always wanted to climb Everest in your youth, but you might not be able to handle it in your late 60s. Be realistic about what you’ll be able to handle. Seeing the Great Wall of China, for example, is truly awe-inspiring but walking along the entirety of it is something else.

Also, consider accessibility if you are travelling with a wheelchair. Some locations might even have an age limit you need to consider, and you will also probably have to pay more for travel insurance if you’re travelling to locations that are known to be dangerous.

How To Plan For Travel In Retirement

Do Your Research Beforehand

The internet has made it so much easier for us to research everything about our vacations and prepare adequately for them. When you’re travelling in your old age this is even more important. Are you planning to travel, for example, to a country with subpar health care?

Or are there certain diseases running rampant in certain regions that might have a greater negative impact on your health now that you’re older? You can never do too much research. Trust us.

How To Plan For Travel In Retirement

Go Through A Tour Company For Ease

While booking everything yourself might be cheaper and it might seem like you have more control, there is a great amount of convenience and safety to be found in booking with a tour company. There are hundreds of tour companies online, many of which are engineered directly towards older travellers, and they might even be able to put together tours to locations you wouldn’t ever have considered yourself.