How To Make The Most Of Your Scholarship Money: Benefits Of Traveling The World

If you’re a student, there are many opportunities to travel the world without breaking the bank. In this article, we’ll explore some life hacks and benefits that can help you travel more easily and cheaply.

How To Travel The World On A Scholarship: Life Hacks And Benefits For Students

How To Make The Most Of Your Scholarship Money: Benefits Of Traveling The World

Many people believe that travel is a luxury that students cannot afford. This is especially true for trips abroad. However, you should not give up the desire to see the world, you can do tourism on a budget. We will give some important recommendations on how to travel with a minimal budget and expenses.

General Recommendations

You can save money while travelling by following these tips:

  1. Get a visa on your own.
  2. Get an international student’s ISIC card, which is valid in many countries.
  3. Use messengers, Skype, or other programs for free calls.
  4. Avoid buying paper maps or travel guides. It is better to use special apps on your smartphone.
  5. You can get to most places with tours and excursions on your own.

How To Rent An Inexpensive Accommodation

Use services like First of all, you should replace hotels with hostels. This is much cheaper accommodation, while conditions remain on par. Secondly, do away with private rooms. Economy means living in shared rooms. Moreover, they are often half or even completely empty. Try to monitor the services for booking accommodation, there are often special offers and great discounts.

The lion’s share of all travel expenses is spent on lodging. There are many ways of economical and free accommodation during the trip. The first is Couchsurfing and other similar services. Tourists from all over the world offer free lodging, supporting the general idea. It is enough to register on the site and fill out a form in English, thereby increasing your confidence.

Many travellers prefer to sleep in a tent. It is an extremely practical and affordable way to spend the night. This method of tourism is saturated with romance and the spirit of adventure. It is best to pitch a tent in forest parks and plantations, which are in any city.

How To Make The Most Of Your Scholarship Money: Benefits Of Traveling The World

How To Save On Food While Travelling

Saving on food is not a good idea. However, travel often justifies such actions. On the road, you can eat modestly, but at the same time nourishing. How to do it:

  1. Try to buy inexpensive and high-calorie food. Deny yourself the excesses, even if at first they don’t seem to be too hard on the wallet.
  2. When hitchhiking, drivers often treat their fellow passengers to a meal. The same goes for trains. Try to give your companion something to eat, too, otherwise, it will not seem polite.
  3. In many supermarkets, baked goods are sold at a significant (up to 70 per cent) discount at 8 p.m. It is also necessary to always look for products that are offered on sale.
  4. Often in villages and remote places in Asia, locals call tourists to drink tea with them. Friendly people rarely limit themselves to this, and the traveller always remains fed.

How To Travel Around The World Cheaply

How To Make The Most Of Your Scholarship Money: Benefits Of Traveling The World

Planes are not always a cheap way to travel, because it’s not easy to find low-cost flights, especially in the right direction. In most cases, ground transportation is considered the most appropriate. Every traveller can save a lot of money by sticking to the following rules:

  1. Eliminate travel by international trains. It is absolutely not profitable.
  2. High-speed transport is usually more expensive. Large buses are about 2 times cheaper than minibuses. This is the trend in most countries.
  3. You can reduce all expenses to zero by means of hitchhiking. This fun, interesting and fascinating way of travelling. On the way, you can make a lot of friends and have a good time. Contrary to popular belief, this is a fairly safe way to travel on a budget, and at the same time is completely free.
  4. When travelling, one of the best ways to save money is by taking advantage of cheap or free resources available to students. For example, many websites such as offer cheap homework help services that can be a great way to get assistance with assignments at a fraction of the cost.

How Travel Affects The Brain And Personality: The Findings Of Scientists

For many, travel is a prerequisite for a happy life. Surveys show that travel ranks seventh in the ranking of sources of happiness. Respondents rate the ability to travel higher than, for example, communication with friends, personal safety, and even wealth.

Travel not only gives a feeling of happiness but also generally has a beneficial effect on the psyche and health, scientists believe. Here are some conclusions from the research.

Travel Changes Our Personality

In 2013, German psychologists suggested that travelling abroad affects a person’s personality just as much as serious events such as leaving home for parents, a first job, or a romantic relationship. The character can change under the influence of the environment – and travel is just an opportunity to communicate with people who are different from their compatriots.

Do we become different people when we travel? Researchers followed 1,134 students for a year. Almost half went to study in other countries, and the second group spent the whole year in Germany. Before the experiment began, all participants filled out a questionnaire in which they answered questions about five qualities: openness to new experiences, conscientiousness, extraversion, goodwill, and neuroticism.

The survey was repeated at the end of the school year and the results were compared. They differed sharply between those who left and those who stayed. The study showed that students who spent the school year in their home country became slightly less open-minded than those who went abroad.

The friendliness of those who studied in Germany barely changed, but that of the travellers increased – and by the end of the observations was almost five times higher than that of the participants who stayed home. In addition, travelling to other countries made the participants of the experiment less anxious.

Researchers believe that some character traits are altered by encountering cultural differences. At first, it creates discomfort, but gradually people stop being nervous and begin to accept the new environment more favourably. You don’t have to go away to study as an exchange student for a year – it’s enough to communicate with foreigners and immerse yourself in a new culture when you travel.

How To Make The Most Of Your Scholarship Money: Benefits Of Traveling The World

Travelling Out Of Town Makes People Happier

Psychologists from the University of Rochester say that interacting with nature helps us to show our best qualities.

They conducted several experiments involving 370 people. They were divided into two groups: one was shown photographs of landscapes and the other – brutal views of concrete buildings. Each had to imagine being in the place they saw and imagine the smells and sounds that might be there.

Participants then filled out a questionnaire that assessed how important wealth, fame, a sense of community, and close relationships were to them. Those who looked at pictures of the city valued wealth and fame above all else. And those who admired the natural scenery valued relationships and a sense of community more highly. The authors of the study believe that landscapes promote self-reflection and reduce the pressure of society’s values that alienate people from one another.

If you can’t go out of town for a few days, you can also benefit from regular walks in the woods. According to the Japanese, such walks help relieve stress caused by life in a frantic city rhythm, recover and reboot. Scientists agree: a review of 64 studies has shown that wood walking does relieve stress and anxiety, and people begin to feel happier.

Travelling Makes People Healthier

Travelling is quite a challenge for the brain. You find yourself in an unfamiliar environment, especially if you come to a country where the culture is very different from yours. The brain gets a lot of new information to process, and as a result new dendrites, neuronal spurs that allow the brain to process more data, are created.

The same mechanism is triggered when a person is faced with any complex task or unfamiliar activity: learning a foreign language, mastering a new hobby, or looking for directions in an unknown place. If you constantly give yourself this kind of challenge during your life, you can keep your brain healthy longer – this kind of experience is considered a good prevention of dementia.

How To Make The Most Of Your Scholarship Money: Benefits Of Traveling The World

Travelling Develops Creativity

Trips to other countries have a positive effect on creativity. For 11 years, researchers collected data on the creative executives of major fashion houses: their biographies, education level, and age, and also counted how much time they spent on foreign trips. In addition, the researchers asked industry experts to rate the creativity of each collection on a 20-point scale.

It turned out that people considered more creative executives with foreign professional experience. This partly explains the success of Karl Lagerfeld, the authors believe. The fashion designer was born in Germany and worked in France and Italy, often travelling between the two countries. Lagerfeld used the cultural characteristics of these countries in his collections, thanks to which he left a mark on the entire global fashion industry.

Multicultural experiences in general are great for stimulating cognitive abilities, including creativity, scientists believe. To test their hypothesis, they conducted a small experiment with 102 international students at a university in Malaysia.

First, the researchers found out how open the students were to new experiences, and then they questioned the participants about their experiences with different cultures: Malaysians, immigrants, and other international students. Participants were then challenged to attach a wax candle to the wall so that when it burned, the wax would not drip onto the floor. The students were given only the candle itself, matches, and a box of paper clips.

If you can not plan a long trip, psychologists advise taking a mini-vacation for a couple of days. For example, you can go to a nearby town for a weekend. Even such a short trip will provide new experiences, will rest and gain strength.

If you can’t travel because of college debts, writing service can be an excellent way to help you get the break you need. These services are designed to help you plan, write, and edit your essays so that you can go on a much-needed mini-vacation without worrying about essay assignments.

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