How To Stay Warm, Dry, And Comfortable When Cycling In The Winter

The colder weather is quickly approaching. Soon you’ll need to get all your cold-weather gear together just to go outside! Cycling during the winter can be very enjoyable but it does take some preparation. Here are some useful hacks on how to make your cycling enjoyable in the winter.

Use Clipless Pedals

Clipless pedals will make a huge difference when you are riding in cold weather. It’s almost impossible to keep your feet warm while using normal platform pedals, and this can be a major cause of discomfort or even pain while cycling.

You will still need a good pair of waterproof boots with insulated footbeds, but clipless pedal systems allow for retention of heat from the soles of your shoes, keeping them warmer much longer. This gives you the option to ride without booties or toe covers which add extra warmth and padding to your shoes.

Waterproof Cycling Trousers

This is a great option because waterproof pants are designed to keep your legs completely dry while riding. The best kind of waterproof cycling trousers has zippers on the calf area so that you can easily pull them over your shoes and any winter boots. Investing in waterproof trousers for cycling is a great idea if you live in an area with extremely wet weather conditions because it’ll probably be the most effective way to stay dry. 

Invest In A Waterproof Jacket

Waterproof jackets are an absolute must-have if you plan on doing any cycling during the wintertime! Since you will be moving at a much faster speed than during the summer, it is important that whatever jacket you choose repels water right away.

It doesn’t matter how good of insulation your jacket has if all the heat is immediately being sucked out by cold wind and rain or snow! Invest in some waterproof cycling pants to go along with your jacket.

Get A Buff

A Buff is a tube of fabric, usually made out of cotton or polyester spandex, that fits comfortably around your neck to cover not only your neck but also your face down to where your collar bones meet. You can pull it up over the lower half of your face for extra warmth when needed too on especially cold days! The Buff comes in many different styles and colors so it’s sure to fit any style you have, plus Buff has many different ways of wearing the tube of fabric.

How To Stay Warm, Dry, And Comfortable When Cycling In The Winter

Get A Cycling Cap

A cycling cap is exactly what it sounds like–a cap that is specifically designed for bike riding! It usually consists of three layers. The first layer is an opening at the front allowing for ventilation (so you don’t overheat while riding), another layer covers your ears which provides extra warmth on cold days, and finally, there’s a third layer covering the lower half of your face which shields against wind and rain or snow if need be!

Many people use various bandannas or other types of head coverings in place of a cycling cap. Nothing will do the job like a real cycling cap!

Keep A Mini First Aid Kit 

This is a great tip for when you’re out cycling in the rain, snow, sleet, or hail! You can store all kinds of bandages and medications in your mini first aid kit because you never know when an injury will happen. Depending on what type of injuries might happen to you while riding, there are many different types of first-aid items that would be useful for a cyclist.

Consider carrying Neosporin, gauze pads and medical tape, Ibuprofen/Aspirin/Tylenol, tweezers (for removing splinters or ticks), antibiotic ointment, alcohol wipes, anti-itch cream, safety pins (useful for taking out slivers), and super glue (for fixing cuts).

Wear A Hat Or Helmet Over Your Hair

This is an excellent way to stay warm on cold days because it solves two problems at once: covering up wet hair and keeping ears warm too! Simply wear any hat or helmet from one of your past cycling trips, but make sure it doesn’t fit too tight around the top of your head though because then it won’t be able to cover up all of your hair which means some strands will still get wet from the snow and rain.

How To Stay Warm, Dry, And Comfortable When Cycling In The Winter

There are many different types of winter gear available on the market today; each designed for its own unique purpose. Winter cycling isn’t as bad of a sport as some people think it is so long as they follow these 10 easy tips and tricks before hopping on their bikes for a ride.