How To Use Wood In Your Home’s Décor

Wood is one of the best materials you can use in your home’s décor, it’s what we’ve used for hundreds of years and the hype around wooden décor will likely stay with us for another few hundred years.

It’s not often that you can find a natural material as versatile as wood is, just from a functional point of view wood can be used almost anywhere in your home, from flooring, walls, furniture and even individual décor pieces like wooden Venetian blinds or wooden sculptures.

How To Use Wood In Your Home's Décor

Not only is wood functionally versatile, but it is also incredibly versatile in the stylistic department, with different woods offering different looks and different colour schemes to fit them into. If you’re looking for a rustic farmhouse look light woods like Hickory or White Cedar will be perfect for that, if you’re looking for sexy and modern you can opt for darker woods like Mahogany.

If you’re looking to incorporate wood into your home’s décor, but aren’t sure how to use it, look no further and read on to find out how to use wood in your home’s décor!

How Committed To Wood Are You?

Before you start a décor project to utilise more wood in your décor, you need to work out how committed to wood you’ll be. Do you want to dive directly into rustic farmhouse looks relying a lot on wood or do you simply want to use wood for a focal point or conversation piece within your existing décor?

How To Use Wood In Your Home's Décor

Once you know the extent of what you’re looking to do with wood in your home it becomes a lot easier to pick out pieces and make other decisions about which types of wood you’ll use.

What Woods Should You Use?

Now that you know how much wood you’ll be using, you need to decide on what type of wood you’ll use. This is a big choice as woods have different looks, fit into different décor schemes and work best in certain pieces.

How To Use Wood In Your Home's Décor

If you’re using wood to create focal points in your existing décor, you’ll want to pick a wood that pairs well with your existing décor and colour scheme. As well as what sort of ‘vibe’ you want, for example, dark wooden floors pair well with dark and red colours to create a sexy and sophisticated look, but in the same room, a pine table would look out of place and jarring.

If you’re going to fully commit wood, you needn’t worry about existing décor and colours as they’ll be changed while you’re bringing wood in. But still, you should consider which woods pair well together and what ‘vibe’ they’ll give off.

How Can You Use Wood?

As mentioned earlier, wood is an incredibly versatile material and can be used to create almost anything, which makes it great for interior décor.

How To Use Wood In Your Home's Décor

If you’re not sure where you can use wood, it can be used as flooring, wall panelling, furniture, window blinds, shelving and well any other décor piece you can think of really.

If you’re fully committing to wood, it’s best that you use it as much as possible in your design, but if you’re looking for wooden focal points, it’s best to choose just a few pieces, like wooden flooring paired with a nice wooden dining table will create a nice look in a dining room space.

Where Can You Get Your Wood?

Nowadays you can find excellent wooden décor pieces at any good homeware store, but if you have the budget you should look for local woodworkers to supply and create your pieces.

How To Use Wood In Your Home's Décor

Not only will buying local help you support your local community, but you’ll find that the quality of wood is much higher than wood from a big box store and by using local woods rather than imported wood, your home will fit in with local looks and help tie your home to the community you live in!