Ibiza Nights Made More Special With A Private Jet Charter

The Ibiza season is just around the corner, poised to spice up the life on the island all over again.

The Opening Parties of the Mediterranean’s most eclectic island will be launched in late April and May where world-renowned DJs will take over the stage to spearhead the night vibe in the area’s top clubs.

With Welojets’ private jet charter, you can now experience Ibiza’s nightlife to a whole new level.

Private Jets At Your Service From Welojets

Ibiza Nights Made More Special With A Private Jet Charter

Welojets is an international air mobility company and leading provider of private jets with offices in Madrid, Buenos Aires, and Miami. Their exclusive “Fly & Nightlife” package will give you a chance to experience the best of the nightlife of Ibiza riding on a private jet. This is a unique opportunity to have fun at the finest nightclubs in this vibrant Balearic Island this coming summer season.

This special package is also completely customizable, including a private jet flight that will take you to the island where you can have the most exclusive and exciting Ibiza nightlife experiences you can never find anywhere else. The package also includes a VIP table and tickets to one of the 2022 Opening Parties.

Ibiza Nights Made More Special With A Private Jet Charter

The company consists of a powerful team focused and committed to providing top-of-the-line charter flights not only in Ibiza but also anywhere else in the world. They provide private jets as well as helicopters, airliners, medical flights, and cargo.

Welojets is also renowned for maximum safety standards and competitive pricing and offers a bespoke concierge experience to every customer.

Experience Ibiza At Its Finest

Ibiza Nights Made More Special With A Private Jet Charter

Ibiza is an internationally acclaimed tourist destination with exceptional hospitality industry and stunning beaches. However, during the summer season, the nightlife scene of Ibiza is what takes the front stage because of its globally renowned nightclubs. These nightclubs are what attract more and more guests to the island.

For the 2022 summer season, Ibiza is gearing up to showcase the world’s best DJs, including Calvin Harris, DJ Solomon, Airod, Ben Klock, Amelie Lens, Layla Benitez, Kölsch, and ARTBAT, just to name a few.

To make the most out of your short stay or unique weekend in Ibiza, flying in from any European location, you can charter a private jet, and enjoy all the finest features that these exclusive charters can offer. You can pick from an extensive selection of aircraft and swift board at a special lounge for a more tailored approach to your different needs throughout the flight.

Ibiza Nights Made More Special With A Private Jet Charter

Historically a private jet magnet, Ibiza has most recently enjoyed an increase in the number of private aviation flights in 2021 in Spain. The island registered a 95% increase compared to 2020, and a 100% increase in overall flight hours within the same period.

This sharp rise speaks a lot of how Ibiza is starting to become one of the major destinations not only in Europe but even in the world. The exceptional infrastructure also caters to the huge influx with some of the fastest private jets all year round.

How To Secure “Fly & Nightlife” Package

Ibiza Nights Made More Special With A Private Jet Charter

Contact the team at Welojets to secure your “Fly & Nightlife” package and inquire about the availability of aircraft depending on your departure location, the expected number of passengers, and the possibility of additional customized services during the flight.

Ibiza Nights Made More Special With A Private Jet Charter

The package consists of a roundtrip flight with the necessary amenities expected of private aviation such as special boarding at private jet terminals and ground transportation to preferred nightclubs. Welojets also arranges transportation services around the island as well as bookings at the area’s top restaurants and hotels.

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