Ibiza’s Vegan Scene: Aiyanna and Amante Take Centre Stage

Ibiza, renowned for its legendary raves and vibrant nightlife, is now attracting a new wave of travellers seeking spiritual energy and a commitment to well-being.

As conscious consumption gains momentum, visitors are embracing the allure of vegan cuisine that not only nourishes the body but also aligns with ethical values. Enter Aiyanna and Amante, two extraordinary vegan dining establishments in Ibiza, where healthy living, sustainable practices, and mouth-watering gastronomy converge to create an unforgettable culinary experience.

Aiyanna: Where Locally Sourced Vegan Delights Await

At the forefront of Ibiza’s vegan dining scene, Aiyanna takes pride in offering an exquisite selection of organic vegan dishes that have captured the hearts of their discerning guests.

Ibiza's Vegan Scene: Aiyanna and Amante Take Centre Stage

Embracing a farm-to-table philosophy, Aiyanna sources 99% of its ingredients locally, ensuring a mere 0km distance between their own garden and the plates they serve. By minimizing transportation and supporting the demand for locally produced menu items, Aiyanna showcases its commitment to both the environment and its clientele.

Embarking on a Culinary Vegan Journey at Aiyanna

Begin your culinary adventure at Aiyanna by immersing yourself in the vibrant freshness of a kale salad. This invigorating dish is complemented by a rich cashew nut pate, sweet pomegranate, and crunchy sunflower seeds, all harmoniously combined to create a symphony of flavours. Alternatively, indulge in the timeless appeal of a classic Greek salad, adorned with vegan feta cheese, relishing kalamata olives, figs, and almonds.

Ibiza's Vegan Scene: Aiyanna and Amante Take Centre Stage

For the main course, Aiyanna offers a plethora of options that will tantalize your taste buds. Delight in the flavours of roasted cauliflower coated in a tangy miso sauce, accentuated by zesty lime and a delightful blend of cashew nuts crushed with agave. Alternatively, savour the smoky char-grilled “Perlina” Aubergine, accompanied by a luscious carob sauce, crunchy cashew nuts, refreshing lime, and a crisp tempeh. The combination of textures and flavours will leave you craving more.

Conclude your meal with a tantalizing strawberry tartar, marinated in yuzu and Sichuan pepper, served with a decadent pistachio and lychee foam, delivering the perfect sweet finale to your dining experience.

Amante: Contemporary Vegan Indulgence with a Mediterranean Twist

Amante, nestled amidst the unspoiled northeastern coast of Ibiza, offers a mouth-watering array of contemporary and sophisticated Mediterranean vegan options. This culinary gem, reflecting the essence of traditional Spanish and Italian cuisine, crafts its dishes with locally sourced and organic produce. The result? Fresh, replenishing meals that perfectly complement the stunning natural scenery.

Ibiza's Vegan Scene: Aiyanna and Amante Take Centre Stage

Delighting the Senses at Amante

Prepare yourself for an exceptional dining experience at Amante by exploring the delightful flavours of Padron peppers and baby baked potatoes with a hint of chipotle. Alternatively, indulge in a vibrant wild rocket salad, accompanied by juicy cherry tomatoes, bringing a burst of freshness to your palate.

As you venture into the main course, allow Amante’s carefully curated menu to captivate your senses. Treat yourself to a marinated courgette salad, harmoniously combined with a refreshing mix of cress and mint leaves, all crowned with vegan feta cheese.

For those seeking a heartier option, the slow-cooked whole aubergine infused with Moroccan spices, served with sautéed organic wheat, is an enticing choice. Alternatively, opt for the artichoke confit accompanied by sautéed green soybean, tomato, and a flavoursome Kalamata olive dressing. If you’re looking for a lighter option, the crispy quinoa croquette, served with baby vegetables, soy yoghurt with mint and coriander, is sure to delight.

Ibiza's Vegan Scene: Aiyanna and Amante Take Centre Stage


Ibiza’s vegan dining scene has flourished, appealing to conscious travellers seeking a holistic and sustainable experience. Aiyanna and Amante, with their unwavering commitment to ethical sourcing, healthy living, and unparalleled gastronomy, have carved their place as culinary gems in the heart of this vibrant island. Embrace the opportunity to indulge in their exquisite creations, and allow Ibiza’s spiritual energy to infuse every bite as you embark on a remarkable vegan culinary journey.