Ideas For A Creative Job Application

These days, it can be very hard to find success when searching for a new job. The pandemic has caused many people to enter the job market, plus the fact that many people now work remotely can make it much more competitive. This is why it is so important to know how to stand out from the crowd and one of the best ways that you can do this is with a creative job application.


Ideas For A Creative Job Application

There are a few good examples of how people have done this that will hopefully provide some inspiration. This includes one job applicant for flyer printing specialists instantprint by using their own flyers with a link to his LinkedIn profile on every car in the car park. Marketing Manager Craig Wassell commented on the eye-catching stunt:

“When I looked out of the office window, I could already see that someone had been around leaving flyers on all the car windscreens, and upon closer inspection, it became apparent that the flyers more closely were, in fact, an application for the role I was hiring for. Naturally, we immediately invited Jonathan in for an interview”

Jonathan went on to land the job as a result of his creativity. Wassell stated that “He’s been the talk of the office since covering everyone’s cars in CVs. I love it when we get a #creativejobapplication.”

How to Be Creative

Ideas For A Creative Job Application

So, how can you get creative with your job application (without doing anything too crazy!). First, you want to make sure that you personalize as much as you can. Employers have to sift through a huge number of applications, so those that have not been tailored to the job are easily ignored. Additionally, small touches like using colour on your CV can be surprisingly effective.

These days, a video CV could be effective and help you to make an instant impact. This could be particularly effective in certain tech-related roles as it is a chance to show your proficiency while also standing out from the crowd. The key is to think about the role you are applying for and what a way to show your skills while standing out will be.

When it comes to the interview, you want to make sure that you make an impact and are memorable (for the right reasons). One of the best ways to do this is to tell the interviewer something amazing that you have achieved even if it is not directly linked to the role.

Ideas For A Creative Job Application

Another way to stand out is to do some free work for the company – this is a great chance to show them your capabilities and what you could bring to the table. Hopefully, this post will give you a few ideas and help you to stand out and find success when searching for a new role.