How To Improve Speed On Your WordPress Website

A website’s speed is critical for user experience, as the consumers can quickly review content on the website, and they can leave a high rating if any. Statistics show a 10% reduction in page views for each second delay, and the customers are more likely to be dissatisfied. When customers are not happy with your standards, they will leave the website leading to high bounce rates.

The website will not create sales as one would want, leading to a low return on investment. Slow websites get lower rankings on search engines, and it reduces visibility. You can improve your website’s speed by using the Sage WordPress theme and checking on other issues as follows.

Sage WordPress Theme

How To Improve Speed On Your WordPress Website

There are many WordPress themes available online, but Sage stands out for speed. It lacks the common redundancies of many WordPress themes as it uses clean code, which improves loading speeds on desktop and mobile. Therefore, choosing a WordPress theme is critical to ensuring web performance and proper workflow, and Sage does not have unnecessary components that crowd and slow down the website.

Sage offers the benefit of a well-structured semantic system that allows for an exceptional experience in development and design.

Hosting Provider

How To Improve Speed On Your WordPress Website

Having a good host is essential to achieve reasonable speeds on your website. Opting for cheap options will affect you in the long run, as they may have limited server performance; hence, they would not be optimized as you want. It is essential to research before selecting a hosting provider to ensure that they offer competent server performance suitable for your website’s demands.

There is no need to invest a lot in developing your website and choosing a poor hosting provider. It can be efficient with low traffic, but it will lead to slow loading speeds as it increases.

The best options to consider are virtual private servers or dedicated servers. They offer better environments for running fast websites, as they provide high-performance resources, such as the processing speed even in a shared environment. A dedicated server is unique as you get your own space to operate in, and it is usually suitable for websites with high traffic to ensure that they do not lose any loading speed.

HTTP Requests

How To Improve Speed On Your WordPress Website

A page typically has its elements and is called by HTTP requests during load time. Therefore, if there are many elements, it is proportionate to HTTP requests, leading to slower speeds during load time. A website’s parts to load include scripts, style sheets, and images, and they all have their HTTP requests. Your website should be optimized to have fewer elements, especially if it runs on a slower hosting.

Alternatively, the better option is to use better WordPress themes, such as Sage, optimized for high performance. A good theme should have an exceptional development framework and has good loading performance and page speed. Therefore, choosing a WordPress theme should be on top of the list during the planning process.


How To Improve Speed On Your WordPress Website

The page’s load time represents how long it takes to appear on a user’s screen. You do not want to keep users waiting to access your website for a long time, as they can get bored and leave. It shows that your website is not converting, hurts sales and search engine rankings, and results in a low return on investment.

Statistics justify the need for a fast website, as users have high expectations regarding speed, and they quickly get dissatisfied with slow loading times. They will ditch your website and go to another to get a better experience and likely purchase what they wanted.