Interesting Facts About The Largest Waterfall In The World

We take a closer look at the largest waterfall in the world (which is not under the ocean) and some interesting facts about the spectacular Angel Falls.

Our planet is home to some of the most spectacular sights and vistas in existence.

From rolling hills and meadows to lush, dense jungles and forests, we are fortunate enough to be able to enjoy some of the finest and most diverse sights one could wish for.

As far as natural beauty is concerned, though, you simply cannot overlook the magnificence that is a waterfall. There’s just something about watching a waterfall cascade down a cliff or mountain that is almost hypnotic. So, we thought that we would take a closer look at the largest waterfall in the world.

Angel Falls in Venezuela is one of the world’s most breath-taking sights. It also happens to be the biggest waterfall in the world on land. If you’re thinking of visiting and seeing it in person, here are some interesting facts to mull over.

It Is The Largest Waterfall In The World On Land

Okay, we’ve already established this a little earlier on, but just to ensure that there isn’t any confusion, Angel Falls is indeed the largest waterfall in the world on land. Technically, the largest waterfall on earth is the Denmark Strait cataract. But as this lies beneath the ocean between Iceland and Greenland, a trip to go and see its majesty would be rather difficult. So we decided to focus on the largest waterfall on land instead.

The waterfall cascades down a cleft located near to the tabletop mountain Auyán-tepui’s summit, down into the 3213 feet (979 metres) Devil’s Canyon, complete with the largest plunge of a whopping 807 metres.

Wow, now that is big!

Interesting Facts About The Largest Waterfall In The World

Why ‘Angel Falls’?

Angel Falls is a pretty awesome name for a waterfall, you have to admit, but why is it named Angle Falls in the first place?

Well, in reality, it is named after an American Gold Prospector named James Crawford Angel.

James, or Jimmie as he was also known, was a pilot and whilst out searching for gold in 1933, he accidentally flew his plane over the mountain and discovered the waterfall.

He was so impressed that he returned in 1937, this time for a recreational visit, and managed to get his plane stuck in the mud after landing, where it remained until the 1970s.

His plane, incidentally, is located at the Aeronautics Museum of Maracay.

Just How High Is High?

We already know that Angel Falls is 979 metres in height, but just how high is that?

Well, to put it into perspective, Angel Falls is three times higher than Paris’ Eiffel Tower!

Need more perspective? Okay, how about the fact that Angel Falls is fifteen times higher than Niagara Falls?

Interesting Facts About The Largest Waterfall In The World

Angel Falls On The Big Screen

In Disney’s hit 2009 animation ‘Up’ the falls were recreated in animation form.

Not only that, but Angel Falls has also been featured in a number of Hollywood movies, including Arachnophobia from 1990, and more recently, in the 2015 Point Break remake.

When To Visit

You’d be forgiven for assuming that Angel Falls looks identical virtually all year round, but that is not the case at all.

If you visit between December and April, the waterfall will be a slow trickle, which is hardly awe-inspiring.

The best time to visit is between May and November, when the waterfall is flowing in all of its magnificence.