Istria’s 2024 Spa Highlights: Unique Wellness Escapes

Istria, the enchanting peninsula in northern Croatia, is redefining the spa experience, moving beyond traditional massages and facials.

Renowned for its top-quality produce and stunning landscapes, Istria seamlessly integrates nature’s bounty into the world of wellness.

From immersive beer spas to innovative treatments inspired by local traditions, the region beckons daring spa-seekers to explore its distinctive offerings in 2024.

San Servolo Resort & Beer Spa: A Unique Fusion of Relaxation and Brews

Nestled among olive groves and vineyards in an idyllic holm oak forest, San Servolo Wellness Camping & Resort beckons travellers with Croatia’s first and only beer spa. Guests unwind in beer-filled tubs, enjoying in-room taps for a refreshing pint.

Istria's 2024 Spa Highlights: Unique Wellness Escapes

The natural foam and bubbles enhance the massaging effect, infusing vitamins into the skin. Amidst the soothing sounds of nature, the resort offers a culinary delight with Istrian cuisine, featuring truffles and the renowned ‘boscarin’ beef, all infused with the star ingredient – beer.

For a unique stay, explore San Servolo Wellness Camping & Resort’s private villas and luxury camping facilities in the picturesque Istrian hills. Rooms start from £140 per night for two, inclusive of breakfast.

Albaro Wellness & Spa at Grand Park Hotel Rovinj: Tradition Meets Unique Healing

Inspired by the traditional Rovinj batana fishing boat’s strong mast, Albaro Wellness & Spa at Grand Park Hotel Rovinj introduces a distinctive wellness concept.

Signature massages commence with a shot of local rakija brandy or Istrian herbal liqueurs, followed by a choice of treatments inspired by iconic Istrian absinthe, olive oil, or a unique batana bodywork massage. Spanning 3800 sq. meters, the spa sanctuary offers saunas, pools, and a Mediterranean garden for a holistic experience.

Istria's 2024 Spa Highlights: Unique Wellness Escapes

Experience the unique revitalising wellness at Grand Park Hotel Rovinj, situated on Istria’s eastern shore. Rooms start from £197 per night for two, including breakfast.

Carolea Spa, The Kempinski Hotel Adriatic: Embracing Istria’s ‘Liquid Gold’

Amidst olive groves and lush vineyards, The Kempinski Hotel Adriatic’s Carolea Spa immerses guests in Istria’s ‘liquid gold’ – olive oil.

Indulge in a full-body massage with natural olive oil and rose extracts, an intensive scrub with locally sourced bath salts, or an exfoliating body wrap made from eco olive pits.

The spa, spread across 3,000 sq. meters, offers Turkish and Moroccan hammam rituals, an outdoor whirlpool with Adriatic views, and complementary yoga classes for complete relaxation.

Istria's 2024 Spa Highlights: Unique Wellness Escapes

Stay at The Kempinski Hotel Adriatic, surrounded by picturesque olive groves and vineyards. Rooms start from £144 per night for two, including breakfast.

Istria’s wellness scene is a testament to its commitment to providing unique and authentic experiences. These spa havens not only offer rejuvenation but also celebrate the region’s rich cultural and natural heritage.

As you plan your wellness itinerary for 2024, consider Istria for a journey that seamlessly blends relaxation, tradition, and the healing power of nature.

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