It’s Raining, It’s Pouring… And Bentley Is Now Storing

Bentley Motors has installed an advanced rainwater harvesting system at its headquarters and production facility in Crewe, England. This marks the latest step in the British brand’s water usage reduction programme and long-term journey towards becoming the world’s most sustainable luxury car manufacturer.

The installation was timed to mark World Environment Day on 5 June – the United Nations day for encouraging worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment. Bentley’s focus on water usage has spanned 20 years, in that time reducing the amount of water used per car by 89 per cent.

Recent initiatives include a recycling system for the water used in the manufacturing process and now, with this introduction water captured from rainfall being used for facilities maintenance.

Bentley’s rainwater harvesting system consists of one water capture tank, located on the Crewe site and equipped with two integrated filters and pumps, and supplying a direct, pressurised supply of water to appliances. With a combined capacity of 20,000 litres, the new system is expected to produce more than 1,800 litres of water on average every day, of course, dependent on the usually predictable Crewe climate. However, looking ahead to a rather favourable weather forecast, the system may have a gentle induction to the factory.

Peter Bosch, Member of the Board for Manufacturing, said: “At Bentley, we are focused on ensuring that we lead the way in the delivery of sustainable luxury mobility, taking into account the environmental, social and economic impact of our work. Our efforts on water usage reduction over a long period is remarkable, continuing to find new and innovative ways of protecting the environment. 

With the installation of this new system, we will be able to further reduce the demands that our business places on the mains water supply, while doing so in an environmentally-aware manner.”

Bentley is committed to developing and producing the very best cars in the world, while simultaneously striving to reduce its environmental impact. Last year, its Crewe factory was awarded carbon-neutral certification from the Carbon Trust, while the company continues to invest in a range of technologies to help further reduce water use, energy use and CO2 emissions.

At the same time, the company is accelerating its push towards electrification with the introduction of the first fully electric Bentley slated for 2026. Following the launch of its first luxury plug-in hybrid, the Bentayga Hybrid, the luxury British marque aims to have hybrid or electric variants of all of its models by 2023.



Bentley Motors is considered as one of the most sought after luxury car brand in the world. The company’s headquarters in Crewe is home to all of its operations including design, R&D, engineering and production of the company’s four model lines, Bentayga, Continental, Flying Spur and Mulsanne. The combination of fine craftsmanship, using skills that have been handed down through generations, alongside engineering expertise and cutting-edge technology is unique to UK luxury car brands such as Bentley. It is also an example of high-value British manufacturing at its best. Bentley employs around 4,000 people at Crewe.