Joseph Klibansky’s Immersive Exhibition At Annabel’s

An immersive exhibition of Joseph Klibansky’s bronze works will be on display at Annabel’s through collaboration with Maddox Gallery until 29 October.

Since the early 60s, Annabel’s has been the go-to place for the world’s glitterati to escape in. It is a safe haven where you can flee the cares of the world and indulge in, well, indulgence. With the current global crisis and everything that goes with it, a space in which one can simply lose oneself in is needed perhaps more than ever.

With the club’s not-too-long-ago relocation to 46 Berkeley Square, the interiors have been done in a way that finally matched the true spirit of what Annabel’s is all about. It is the ultimate blend between dream and fantasy.

So when the world-renowned Maddox Gallery had to select a venue to showcase Joseph Klibansky’s dreamlike work, there could perhaps be no better backdrop than the interiors of Annabel’s. This heady mix of fantasy and reality is the perfect environment to compliment and perhaps even mirror the artist’s work.

Joseph Klibansky's Immersive Exhibition At Annabel's

Born in Cape Town, in 1984, Kilbanksy has been making waves with his surrealistic works. His ability to masterfully blur the lines between abstract and fine art has resulted in a continually growing fan base and is set to propel the young artist to global stardom with many critics having eluded to the fact that Kilbanksy is set to cement his place as one of the great artists of our time.

His social commentary and usage of iconography has resulted in pieces that are both emotionally impactful and visually stunning with a healthy dash of whimsy.

Joseph Klibansky's Immersive Exhibition At Annabel's

Members will be able to see a selection of Joseph Klibansky’s bronze animal works on display throughout various rooms at Annabel’s situated in the heart of Mayfair.

Commenting on the setting, Joseph Klibansky said: “Annabel’s is a beautiful environment, like a handmade art piece in itself. My dream is for Members and their guests to take time discovering these sculptures throughout the Club and enjoy the journey of this collaboration.”

Joseph Klibansky's Immersive Exhibition At Annabel's

Jay Rutland, the Creative Director of Maddox Gallery added: “Installed throughout the
iconic Annabel’s, Joseph Klibansky’s work creates a juxtaposition between symbol and
association that is now presented on a scale never before experienced by fans of Klibansky’s work. We are honoured to be working with Annabel’s and inviting their members to enjoy these artworks this month.”

Joseph Klibansky's Immersive Exhibition At Annabel's

This fabulously immersive exhibition will be on display at Annabel’s until 29 October and is definitely not one to miss.