Kimpton Fitzroy London: Calling Writers For House Of Pankhurst!

On National Writing Day, Kimpton Fitzroy London extends an exclusive invitation to up-and-coming writers, encouraging them to apply for the prestigious House of Pankhurst creative residency.

Nestled in the heart of London, this historic hotel boasts a rich literary heritage, and this year’s residency focuses on the captivating realm of poetry, paying homage to Bloomsbury’s esteemed literary connections.

Embracing Literary Heritage

Kimpton Fitzroy London stands as a testament to the captivating intersection of history and creativity. With its roots intertwined with the suffragette movement, the hotel holds special significance as the former home of Emmeline Pankhurst, a renowned Suffragette poet. Today, her legacy lives on in the hotel’s coffeehouse, Burr & Co., a space where ideas continue to flourish and artistic spirits are nurtured.

A Haven for Creatives

Kimpton Fitzroy London: Calling Writers For House Of Pankhurst!

In celebration of National Writing Day, Kimpton Fitzroy London opens its doors to aspiring writers, offering a daily Open House at Burr & Co. Immerse yourself in an environment that fosters creativity, as you find solace and inspiration in this haven of artistry. Free of charge, writers are invited to reserve a space and let their imagination run wild, guided by the echoes of literary greatness that permeate the air.

Exploring Poetry and Feminism

The House of Pankhurst creative residency embodies the profound impact of poetry on the women’s movement throughout history. Drawing inspiration from the hotel’s ties to Emmeline Pankhurst’s former home, this year’s residency serves as a tribute to the poetic expressions that propelled the Suffragettes forward. Poetry becomes a vehicle for progress and empowerment, echoing the sentiments of those who fought tirelessly for equality.

Garreth Walsh, General Manager of Kimpton Fitzroy London, said: “Bloomsbury is renowned for its powerful connections between literature and feminist activism, combining this with the fact that Burr & Co. is the former home of Emmeline Pankhurst, it feels important that we pay homage to the hotel’s links to the Suffragette movement this National Writing Day. We were keen to bring this aspect of the hotel’s history into the modern world, and poetry felt like the perfect way to launch the creative residency. We are excited to explore the rising creative talent that applies to the residency and continue to support artists in the years to come.”

House of Pankhurst, incumbent Poet, Hayley Frances comments: “Kimpton Fitzroy London is a hotel full of inspiration and history. I was unaware of the hotel’s connection to Emmeline Pankhurst and the Suffragette movement, so I was eager to get involved as this is a matter close to my heart. A lot of my work explores peoples’ emotions and well-being, something that is extremely relevant to the Suffragette movement.

Kimpton Fitzroy London: Calling Writers For House Of Pankhurst!

A Rising Poetry Star

Hayley Frances, a rising star in the world of poetry, has been selected as Kimpton Fitzroy London’s first creative resident. Her work delves into the psychology of creative writing, mirroring the inner struggles expressed by the Suffragettes during their courageous protests. With a captivating piece titled ‘Fable of the Singing Queen of England,’ Hayley beautifully captures the hotel’s history and architectural grandeur, infusing her poetry with a profound sense of purpose.

Victorian Inspiration at Burr & Co.

Burr & Co., inspired by the vibrant Victorian coffeehouses that once shaped London’s intellectual landscape, offers a nostalgic retreat for creatives. Just as the coffeehouses of old provided a fertile ground for collaboration and innovation, Burr & Co. invites you to immerse yourself in an atmosphere brimming with inspiration. Whether seeking a serene corner to refine your craft or drawing energy from the lively surroundings, this coffeehouse kindles the creative spark within.

Immortalizing Art in the Heart of the Hotel

One of Hayley’s poignant lines has been immortalized as an awe-inspiring installation within Fitz’s, the hotel’s enchanting bar. Guests can now relish in the power of her words, experiencing her evocative poem firsthand. For those seeking a more intimate encounter with her artistry, the full poem is available for streaming on Spotify, allowing you to lose yourself in the lyrical tapestry from the comfort of your suite.

Kimpton Fitzroy London: Calling Writers For House Of Pankhurst!

Exciting Events on the Horizon

Kimpton Fitzroy London has exciting plans in store for the future, with a quarterly programme of events that will captivate guests throughout the year. From enthralling poetry slams that echo with the passion for spoken word to enlightening evening talks featuring industry-leading guest speakers, these events promise to enrich and engage all who attend.

In conclusion, National Writing Day serves as the perfect occasion for up-and-coming writers to seize the opportunity presented by Kimpton Fitzroy London’s House of Pankhurst creative residency. The hotel’s deep-rooted literary heritage, combined with the allure of Burr & Co.’s vibrant atmosphere, creates an environment that fuels the creative spirit. Embark on a journey of self-expression, celebrate the profound influence of poetry, and become a part of a prestigious residency that stands as a beacon of inspiration in the heart of London’s literary tapestry.

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