King Carl XVI Gustaf Installs Solar Panels At The Palace

Stockholm | Sweden

April and May has seen an abundant outpour of loving homages, celebrations, well wishing and gifts to mark the 71st Birthday of His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden. One of the greatest gifts that His Majesty received this year was that given to him by Statens Fastighetsverk in the form of solar pannels. As a result, even more praises flooded in for His Majesty as King Carl XVI Gustaf installs solar panels in order to combat the royal family’s electric footprint.


Hi Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf has always been a champion of environmental issues and as such the gift of 600 solar panels from Statens Fastighetsverk was received by The King with great joy and pleasure. The large number of solar panels were installed on the roof of the Stockholm Palace in order to make the Official Royal palace more environmentally friendly as well as to reduce its monthly costs.

King Carl XVI Gustaf installs solar panels

The 600 solar panels will cover an area of around 1 000 square meters of the Palace’s roof. His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf even joined in in physically helping to install the solar panels as they were brought up to the roof. Erik Kampmann, Head of Stockholm Palace Administration and Palace Director at Stockholm Palace was alongside the King during the installation process. The palace issued a statement:

“Once it is running, the State Property Agency expects an annual output of 170 MWh, which corresponds to at least twelve percent of the palace’s annual electricity consumption.”

King Carl XVI Gustaf installs solar panels

One of the biggest concerns from many was the visual effect that the solar panels might have on the Stockholm Palace. These concerns were however quickly laid to rest with Erik Kampmann stating, “Because the palace has a pulpit roof with flat slope, the solar panels will not be visible, either from the courtyard or from somewhere else.”

The installation process is due to be completed by 1 June 2018 as it has been estimated to take around six weeks to complete.

King Carl XVI Gustaf installs solar panels
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