Ksenia Schnaider Spring Summer 2019 Collection

Kiev | Ukraine

Headed-up by Ksenia and Anton Schnaider, the Kiev-based label Ksenia Schnaider has been making waves in the fashion world when in 2016 their demi-denims trend went global. Superstars such as Bella Hadid couldn’t get enough of the shorts-meets-pants jeans. As seen in the Ksenia Schnaider Spring Summer 2019 Collection, although the brand has stayed true to its love of denim, they have morphed the look and expanded into reworking the infamous look with tropical island prints.


The new Ksenia Schnaider Spring Summer 2019 Collection is a light and fresh palette that oozes cool, summer no-care chic. The predominant usage of light-denims with whites give off an almost resort feel, while the addition of the tropical prints with sunset palette showcases vivid colours it does not overpower the light feel of the collection but rather compliments it.

Isabella Alexander

Fashion Editor

Having been in the Fashion Industry for over 25 years, Isabella Alexander currently serves as the Fashion Editor at Salon Prive Magazine. She and her team will bring you the latest news, campaigns, releases and shows from around the world.

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