La Fête des Oranges – Balthazar’s Cointreau Christmas

As the winter chill embraces London, the iconic all-day dining brasserie, Balthazar, is set to blossom into a haven of vibrant colours and festive merriment in the lead-up to the Christmas season.

This transformation is aptly named ‘La Fête des Oranges,’ a delightful celebration that promises an enchanting experience for all.

Balthazar invites you to immerse yourself in the magic of the holiday season through a whimsical installation, delectable cocktails, and a limited-edition dessert crafted in collaboration with Cointreau, the iconic French liqueur renowned for gracing classic cocktails like the Margarita, Cosmopolitan, and Sidecar.

La Fête des Oranges - Balthazar's Cointreau Christmas

A Floral Homage to History

Once the home of London’s historic flower market, Balthazar pays homage to its roots by enveloping guests in the fragrant embrace of the holiday season. As you arrive, you’ll be greeted by wreaths adorned with vibrant shades of orange and gold, while brightly coloured orchards envelop the restaurant’s facade.

The scents of winter’s joy will beckon you inside, where festive delights await, including limited edition cocktails co-crafted with Cointreau. Within the restaurant, the warm hues of Cointreau manifest in the decorations, with Christmas trees adorned with miniature Cointreau bottles and wreaths adorning the surroundings, creating a welcoming ambience for diners.

A Toast to 75 Years of Margarita Magic

In 2023, we celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Margarita Cocktail, and Balthazar and Cointreau join the festivities with the launch of a limited edition Christmas Margarita (£13.50). This delectable concoction blends Cointreau, Tequila Blanco, Gingerbread Liqueur, and Lime Juice, offering a tantalizing twist on a beloved classic.

La Fête des Oranges - Balthazar's Cointreau Christmas

The menu further boasts a Festive Mai Tai (£12.75) featuring Cointreau, White Rum, Dark Rum, Mandorla, Lime Juice, and Orange Bitters, as well as the Snow White Lady (£14.75) graced by the presence of Cointreau, Sloe Gin, Grapefruit Juice, and the enchanting Miraculous Foamer.

Last but not least, the Cinnamon Sidecar (£15.25) emerges, a delightful fusion of Cointreau, Cognac, and Lemon Juice.

Sweet Temptations for the Festive Soul

For those with a penchant for sweets, the Cointreau Baba (£10.25) beckons, a delectable creation adorned with Clementines, Glazed Pecans, Chantilly Cream, and a Warm Cointreau Chocolate Sauce. It’s the quintessential Christmas indulgence that promises to satisfy your sweet tooth.

While sipping on these delectable cocktails, guests can also delve into Balthazar’s new Winter à la Carte menu.

Start with the Buffalo Mozzarella (£11.50), a dish adorned with clementines, basil, and glazed roasted pecans. Alternatively, try the Endive and Roquefort (£9.75) featuring walnuts, pear, cranberries, chives, and house vinaigrette.

La Fête des Oranges - Balthazar's Cointreau Christmas

For mains, indulge in Balthazar’s Roasted Rump of Lamb (£29.50), accompanied by butter beans and chorizo cassoulet with herb crumb. The Baked Cod Fillet (£23.50), served with braised celeriac and tenderstem broccoli with black olive dressing, is another delightful choice.

Vegetarians can relish the Balthazar’s Risotto of Wild Mushrooms (£18.95) enhanced with goat’s cheese, chestnut crumb, and truffle oil—a perfect dish to warm the heart and soul.

Ring in the New Year with Elegance

As the year draws to a close, Balthazar invites you to celebrate New Year’s Eve in style. The restaurant will host an exquisite evening of live jazz performed by the talented Oriana French Jazz Trio.

On Sunday, 31st December, from 8 pm until midnight, guests can welcome the new year while indulging in a sumptuous Balthazar’s Seafood Platter (£80.00) for two, which includes a delightful bottle of Chateau Moncontour Vouvray Brut.

Mounir Lagzouli, the General Manager of Balthazar, expresses his excitement, stating, “We are thrilled to bring festive joy to the heart of Covent Garden, and we hope that locals, visitors, and our loyal patrons will join us for a festive toast and immerse themselves in the scents and flavours of the season.”

Experience ‘La Fête des Oranges’ at Balthazar

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of ‘La Fête des Oranges’ at Balthazar, a celebration that will run until 1st January 2024. Join us for a magical journey filled with enchanting decorations, delightful cocktails, and delectable dishes—an experience that will make this Christmas season truly memorable.

The holiday season is a time of year that brings with it a sense of wonder and magic. In the heart of Covent Garden, London, Balthazar is taking that magic to new heights with the enchanting ‘La Fête des Oranges.’ This tradition reimagined is not just a celebration of the season; it’s an immersive experience that transports you to a world of vibrant colours and festive cheer.

La Fête des Oranges - Balthazar's Cointreau Christmas

Rediscovering Balthazar’s Roots

Balthazar, once the bustling Flower Cellars, pays homage to its historical roots as London’s beloved flower market. As you step inside, the scents and warmth of the holiday season surround you.

Orange and golden wreaths and brightly coloured orchards adorn the restaurant’s exterior, setting the stage for what lies within. It’s a nostalgic nod to the market’s past, and it sets the tone for a truly memorable experience.

No celebration is complete without a toast, and at ‘La Fête des Oranges,’ Cointreau takes centre stage. This iconic orange French liqueur has long been a staple in classic cocktails, including the Margarita, Cosmopolitan, and Sidecar.

In partnership with Cointreau, Balthazar has crafted a selection of limited-edition cocktails that are sure to delight the senses.

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