The Gentleman’s Guide To Buying Flowers

An impressive 94% of men present flowers to their loved ones, yet selecting the perfect bouquet can be a daunting task. With a vast array of options at most florists, finding the ideal blooms can be quite challenging.

In this article, the experts at Blooming Haus reveal valuable tips and insider secrets to help gentlemen choose the perfect flowers for any occasion.

1. Choosing the Right Moment to Gift Flowers

According to Michael Dariane, Head of Operations at Blooming Haus, important dates to remember include Mother’s Day, a partner’s birthday, Valentine’s Day, and anniversaries.

However, flowers don’t require a specific occasion; they can be a token of appreciation, a celebration, a seasonal gift, or a pick-me-up for a friend or partner.

2. The Importance of Research

Jonathan Thorneycroft, a designer at Blooming Haus, emphasizes the personal nature of flowers as a gift.

Consider the recipient’s preferences regarding the size, colour, and style of flowers.

If unsure, take cues from their fashion sense and interior design or simply ask them about their preferences.

3. Understanding the Language of Flowers

Lead florist Michalina Botor explains that flowers have a hidden language with different meanings across cultures.

Consult your florist for their expert advice to ensure that your floral gift conveys the intended message.

4. Selecting the Perfect Scent

Head of Creative at Blooming Haus, Charlotte Diercks, advises considering the recipient’s preferred fragrances when selecting flowers.

If uncertain, opt for English-scented roses or other pleasant-smelling options like Lily of the Valley.

The Gentleman's Guide To Buying Flowers
Roselite Bouquet from £95.

5. Embracing Seasonal Blooms

Melissa Man, Blooming Haus‘ Events Manager, recommends choosing seasonal and locally-grown flowers for a more budget-friendly and eco-conscious option.

Out-of-season flowers can be costly and contribute to a larger carbon footprint.

6. Avoiding Common Pitfalls

Blooming Haus‘ CMO, Amanda Johnson, warns against hastily purchased, wilting blooms.

Instead, invest in a few large flowers, add foraged foliage, and hand-tie the ribbon yourself. Alternatively, choose inexpensive, seasonal flowers native to your area.

7. Adding a Personal Touch with a Note

Master Florist Michal Kowalski suggests including a heartfelt note with the bouquet to convey your sentiments.

8. Crafting the Ideal Bouquet

Charlotte Diercks shares several bouquet styles to consider:

  • Classic: A single type of flower in one colour, such as daffodils, mimosas, roses, or Lily of the Valley.
  • Monochrome: Different flowers in one colour for impact and interest.
  • Tonal: Complementary shades of the same hue with 2-3 flower types.
  • High Octane Color: Contrasting colours and flowers for a vibrant pop.
  • Green Bouquet: Greenery as the primary focus, ideal for nature lovers.

9. Maximizing the Longevity of Your Flowers

Lead florist, Michalina Botor offers tips to extend the life of your flowers:

  • Remove extra leaves at the base of the stem.
  • Cut stems before placing them in water.
  • Use fresh, clean water and change it every two or three days.
  • Remove browning or dying blooms to maintain the beauty and prevent contamination.

By following these expert tips, any gentleman can master the art of gifting flowers and creating a memorable, cherished experience for their loved ones.

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