The Enchanting Labirinti Gucci High Jewellery Collection of 2024

Gucci has unveiled its latest high jewellery collection, Labirinti Gucci, an extraordinary journey through a flourishing Italian garden.

This collection is an intricate exploration of nature’s beauty, meticulously framed by a refined sense of balance and symmetry. The collection features exquisite coloured gemstones that captivate the senses and elevate the artistry of high jewellery.

Symmetry and Ordered Beauty: An Homage to Italian Gardens

Labirinti Gucci draws inspiration from the Giardini all’italiana, or Italian-style gardens, which epitomise beauty through harmony and clarity of design. This theme is captured in the collection’s use of pure gemstones.

A statement cuff with a 5.93-carat Colombian emerald with intense green and “Jardin” inclusions is the embodiment of this balance. Five fancy diamonds accompany the emerald and the cuff has a linear pattern of pavé diamonds that subtly references the House’s G signature.

The Enchanting Labirinti Gucci High Jewellery Collection of 2024

More order and balance is found in a necklace with a 56.37-carat oval green tourmaline. The strong saturation and nuances of the tourmaline are enhanced by 11 other tourmalines for a harmonious blend of complementary colours.

Symmetry is the theme of the collection in a suite of rubellite and tsavorite jewels arranged in a floral bouquet. A highlight is a cuff bracelet with a 30.57-carat tourmaline rubellite, with a special star-cut pavilion that radiates fuchsia, pink and red, surrounded by rubellite beads and tsavorites.

Geometric Splendor: The Art of Linear Pathways

Geometric beauty is at the heart of Labirinti Gucci, just like the linear paths of the mazes. This is seen in the sumptuous necklaces, like one that pairs a 53.25-carat lagoon tourmaline with a 19.68-carat Ethiopian opal. The necklace’s linear design is a celebration of lines and gemstones.

Another standout is a rare 20.45-carat Paraiba tourmaline that goes from green to light blue. The tourmaline is accompanied by three yellow sapphires totalling 17.77 carats on a white gold diamond pavé chain that references the House’s G.

The Enchanting Labirinti Gucci High Jewellery Collection of 2024

The collection also features a suite of aquamarine and tourmaline jewels that tell the story of life’s surprises through intricate labyrinths. A three-strand necklace with Paraiba and darker green tourmalines and shrub-like formations culminates in a 62.58-carat octagonal-cut Santa Maria aquamarine from Brazil.

Unique, elongated diamond baguettes add a mirrored touch to the stones, suspended with a sapphire bead and a 3.01-carat kite-shaped diamond. Matching pieces like a 35.69-carat aquamarine bracelet, a 10.76-carat aquamarine ring and a pair of earrings follow the same design.

The geometric theme is completed by diamond kite-shaped earrings with over two carats each, perfectly matched in size, shape and colour.

Celebrating the Beauty of the Animal World

Labirinti Gucci introduces a new animal motif, the dragonfly, a symbol of grace, harmony, peace and balance. The dragonfly is expressed in a series of bejewelled brooches that shine with colours.

Tanzanites, Paraiba tourmalines and white diamonds sit alongside emeralds and fancy diamonds. The dragonfly, a symbol of rebirth and freedom, also appears in mismatched earrings with pink spinels, emeralds and white diamonds.

The Enchanting Labirinti Gucci High Jewellery Collection of 2024

The necklaces are nature in full bloom. A showstopper is suspended with a 113.35-carat green tourmaline in a long shape, one of the collection’s biggest stones. This tourmaline is inclusion-free and radiant. It can be detached and worn as different jewels.

Just as beautiful is a flower necklace with 60.89-carat tanzanite in a deep blue colour, with a chain of tanzanites, diamonds, Paraiba and fancy tourmalines that create magnificent construction of floral artistry.

Rational and Emotional Creativity

Rational and Emotional Creativity

Labirinti Gucci combines rational and emotional creativity, the two drivers of human progress. With 140 one-of-a-kind pieces, the collection celebrates the joy where instinct and passion meet beauty and refinement.

Each piece reflects Gucci’s unique expertise in balancing multiple motifs, creating designs that are as sophisticated as they are captivating.

The mastery of colour and clarity is evident throughout the Labirinti Gucci collection. This is exemplified in pieces like the necklace centred around the ultra-rare Paraiba tourmaline and the aquamarine suite.

The Enchanting Labirinti Gucci High Jewellery Collection of 2024

These gemstones, with their vivid hues and exceptional clarity, are meticulously chosen to enhance the collection’s overall aesthetic. The careful selection and arrangement of gemstones highlight Gucci’s commitment to excellence and attention to detail.

Innovative Craftsmanship

The collection is full of symbolism, from the dragonfly that represents rebirth and freedom to the labyrinths that tell the story of life.

Each piece is designed to evoke emotions and tell a story, so the jewels are not only beautiful but also meaningful. This level of symbolism adds an extra layer to the collection, making it one of a kind.

Craftsmanship is the soul of the Labirinti Gucci collection. The intricate designs, the stone setting and the cuts and patterns are proof of Gucci’s willingness to go beyond high jewellery.

The collection is a testament to the skill and creativity of Gucci’s artisans, who bring these extraordinary pieces to life.

The Fusion of Tradition and Modernity

Labirinti Gucci masterfully fuses tradition and modernity, drawing on the rich heritage of Italian garden design while incorporating contemporary elements.

This is visible in the use of traditional elements like the House’s G logo and the innovative way these elements are interpreted in the jewels. The result is a collection that is both classic and modern, for everyone.

The Enchanting Labirinti Gucci High Jewellery Collection of 2024

Each piece in the Labirinti Gucci collection is a one-of-a-kind piece, crafted with love and care. This exclusivity makes the collection highly coveted by high-jewellery connoisseurs. The limited quantity of pieces available makes each one a collector’s item, and more valuable.


Labirinti Gucci is a celebration of beauty, artistry, and the splendour of nature. It is a testament to Gucci’s commitment to excellence and innovation in high jewellery.

As the House embarks on this journey through a labyrinth of creation and exploration, it continues to push the boundaries of design and craftsmanship, creating pieces that are not only beautiful but also meaningful and unique.

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