Lalique’s Empreinte Animale: A Tribute to Wildlife

Lalique’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection, Empreinte Animale, pays homage to the animal kingdom with its exquisite crystal pieces.

René Lalique’s passion for wildlife is evident in this collection, which invites us to explore a dreamlike jungle where feathers, fur, and scales are tamed.

The crystal pieces in the collection offer a perfect replica of animal materials, a tribute to the art of crystal haute couture that is unique to Lalique.

Magritte x Lalique - Surrealism And Glassmaking Genius

The collection is a century-old tradition of light sculptors, and its animal conversations come to life with textures, colours, and finishes. The precision of the designs, emphasis on details, and purity of reflections make these pieces highly realistic.

With the relief of the materials, satin or repolished, soft or poignant, these pieces invite a sensory experience that calls for contact with the hand.

Impressive and sculptural, the Crocodile motif showcases the graphic power of this fearsome animal. The meticulous detail of the scales and the crystal relief are technical achievements that give it striking realism.

The crystal skin is bold and intriguing, and it irresistibly invites touch. The Zebre motif celebrates the natural geometry of this savannah symbol. The captivating black and white stripes on the crystal create a hypnotic visual effect.

Magritte x Lalique - Surrealism And Glassmaking Genius

Highly realistic, they seem to run through the anatomy of the vase, inspired by the curves of the animal.

The Plumes vases come to life under the features and radiant colour of the Amazon Parrot. Its characteristic plumage is barely visible, like the light coming through the tropical canopy.

The purity of the reflects and the radiance of the crystal are fascinating, and the softness of the pattern comforts and invites to touch, to caress. The new Spring Summer 2023 costume jewellery collection combines geometric zebra crystal with metal links, adding contrasts, and a play of textures that is sensitive to the touch.

The Toucan is a newcomer to Lalique’s bestiary, curious and majestic, this exotic bird wears its dazzling green plumage with panache. The toucan’s beak is even more imposing in the platinum-stamped version, giving it a contemporary expression.

The Fourrure motif evokes the generous curves of the bear. The vibrancy and warmth of the amber-toned crystal, in deep orange, make it seem like it is covered in a sumptuous fur of matchless elegance.

The rounded Fourrure bowl enhances the “cosy” and voluptuous effect, inviting an embrace.

Magritte x Lalique - Surrealism And Glassmaking Genius

In conclusion, Lalique‘s Empreinte Animale collection is a tribute to wildlife in all its splendour. The exquisite crystal pieces, with their realistic animal conversations, textures, colours, and finishes, offer a sensory experience that is both fascinating and comforting.

This collection is a must-have for anyone who appreciates the art of crystal haute couture and wants to add a touch of wildlife to their home decor.