Lamborghini Polo Storico At Rétromobile Paris 2022

A year dedicated to the history of the V12 engine gets underway with a display of two iconic legends: the Countach LP 500 and Miura SV.

From 15 to 20 March, Lamborghini Polo Storico was at the Rétromobile classic car show in Paris. The Sant’Agata Bolognese company’s participation in the event is officially kicking off a year of tributes to its legendary 12-cylinder engine’s history before the hybridization process begins in 2023 with the launch of the first hybrid production model.

Displayed on its stand will be a reconstruction of the first Countach (the LP 500 prototype from 1971) and the body of a Miura P400 SV that is being restored by the Polo Storico team in Sant’Agata Bolognese.

Among those present at the preview evening was Stephan Winkelmann, Chairman, and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini.

Lamborghini Polo Storico At Rétromobile Paris 2022

“The V12 engine is at the heart of icons from the brand’s history, from the Miura and the Countach to the Aventador Ultimae, which this year brings down the curtain on the unforgettable story of our internal combustion engine,” said Winkelmann.

“Enthusiasts of automotive culture were able to join us at Rétromobile, where we were paying tribute to our cherished heritage and the vast engineering expertise of our past and present technicians. From next year, Lamborghini will step into an electrified future: the heir to the Aventador will be presented with hybrid technology in the first phase of our Direzione Cor Tauri plan, which maps out the path to 2030. It sets targets with the aim of reducing our environmental impact by taking a holistic and socially responsible approach.”

The Countach LP 500 was on display in its original “Giallo Fly Speciale” shade of yellow. It is a reconstruction of the legendary car that was presented in March 1971 at the Geneva Motor Show and destroyed in a crash test carried out for type approval purposes in March 1974.

Lamborghini Polo Storico At Rétromobile Paris 2022

The reconstruction work was carried out by Lamborghini Polo Storico for a collector, taking approximately 25,000 hours. A crucial contribution was made by Lamborghini’s Centro Stile, which oversaw the outlining of the bodywork and ensured that everything matched the original style.

The mechanical components are all either restored components from the era or reconstructions of parts that are no longer available or were made specifically for the car. The bodywork and chassis were entirely rebuilt by expert panel beaters, who shaped and beat them by hand. Pirelli came on board to remake the tires.

Through its Foundation, it provided all of the historic materials required, produced tires whose design and dimensions were in keeping with those from the period, and had them approved for road use.

Also on display on the stand is the body of a Miura P400 SV owned by a collector who has asked Lamborghini Polo Storico to restore it for conservation purposes. It will be repainted in its original “Arancio Miura” shade of orange, then the interior and the mechanical components – which are being restored at present – will be put back in place.

Opened in 2015, Lamborghini Polo Storico is an Automobili Lamborghini department dedicated to preserving the historic identity of the company. Its main tasks are certifying and restoring all Lamborghini cars produced up to 2001. To this end, Polo Storico oversees the preservation and acquisition of new sources for the company archives, thus making it possible to bring out the best of all classic Lamborghinis.



Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. is an Italian brand and manufacturer of luxury sports cars and SUVs based in Sant'Agata Bolognese.