Lamborghini’s Bortolotti Triumphs in DTM Lausitzring Race

In a display of remarkable defensive skills under immense pressure, Lamborghini Factory Driver Mirko Bortolotti showcased a masterclass of racing to secure his second DTM race victory of the season at the Lausitzring.

This outstanding performance propelled the SSR Performance Driver to the summit of the championship standings.

Championship Ascent: Bortolotti’s Remarkable Journey

After a triumphant maiden victory in the previous race, Bortolotti arrived at the fifth round of the season trailing the then-leader Thomas Preining by 29 points. However, a blend of strategic prowess and raw speed saw Bortolotti achieve a second-place finish in the initial one-hour race on Saturday, swiftly followed by a dominant victory on Sunday.

Lamborghini's Bortolotti Triumphs in DTM Lausitzring Race

Notably, Bortolotti also clinched the pole position for Race 2. This sequence of stellar achievements catapulted him into a commendable seven-point lead over Preining, laying the foundation for the forthcoming round at the Sachsenring.

Crucial Qualifying Triumph

The linchpin of Bortolotti’s pursuit to become the inaugural repeat victor of the 2023 season rested on his Sunday morning qualifying performance. In an engaging turn of events, the #92 Lamborghini Huracán GT3 EVO2 asserted its dominance as the swiftest contender in the session. The qualifying session was unfortunately curtailed by a red flag, further underscoring the significance of Bortolotti’s pole position achievement.

Bortolotti’s mettle was put to the test as the lights went out, facing an early onslaught from Ricardo Feller’s Audi. Concurrently, the GRT Grasser Racing Team’s Clemens Schmid steadfastly maintained his grip on the third position, closely trailed by Franck Perera from the second SSR Performance machine. Regrettably, the clash between the two Lamborghinis resulted in an abrupt end to their race, precipitated by Perera’s contact with Schmid while entering the pits.

Resilient Against Weight Disadvantages

Shouldering the burden of a 10kg success ballast due to his preceding second-place finish, Bortolotti found himself under duress from the lighter Feller. Throughout the initial phase of the race, the gap at the forefront never exceeded a mere second. Undeterred by Feller’s relentless pursuit, Bortolotti retained his composure and piloted the #92 Lamborghini with finesse.

Lamborghini's Bortolotti Triumphs in DTM Lausitzring Race

As the mandatory pit-stop window emerged, Bortolotti and Feller pitted concurrently. Swift and precise work executed by the SSR Performance mechanics enabled Bortolotti to emerge back onto the track at the helm. However, the intensity of the challenge escalated during the latter half of the race.

Stalwart Defence Under Heat

Feller consistently applied pressure, drawing tantalisingly close on multiple occasions. Yet, Bortolotti’s defence was nothing short of exemplary, thwarting Feller’s efforts to overtake the Lamborghini. In the midst of sweltering summer conditions, Bortolotti adroitly extended a slender margin in the concluding stages of the race, ultimately crossing the finish line with a margin of just over a quarter of a second.

Lamborghini's Bortolotti Triumphs in DTM Lausitzring Race

Mirko Bortolotti (SSR Performance) shared his sentiments after the gripping race, stating: “I’m immensely proud of my team and everyone involved in this endeavour. The race was an extraordinary test of my mettle; the pressure was immense. Ricardo drove exceptionally, and while there were instances of contact, they were intrinsic to the nature of racing. My approach was to remain composed, avoid any errors, and secure the victory. While I refrain from quantifying it in laps, the timing of the race’s culmination was optimal given my stamina.”

Inroads into the Championship Race

Before clinching his second victory of the season, Bortolotti had already initiated a noteworthy incursion into Preining’s championship lead. On Saturday, he secured a second-place starting position and earned four vital points. Maintaining his position from the start behind pole-sitter Jack Aitken, Bortolotti drew closer to the Ferrari as the opening stint progressed. Subsequently, during the pit-stop phase, he rallied to challenge Aitken, ultimately finishing a mere two seconds shy of victory and successfully fending off Kelvin van der Linde’s Audi.

In conclusion, Mirko Bortolotti’s dazzling defensive prowess and unflinching determination enabled him to triumph in the face of adversity at the Lausitzring. This victory not only marks a pivotal moment in the 2023 DTM season but also underlines Bortolotti’s ascendancy as a formidable championship contender.

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