Luxury Redefined: Le Méridien Zanzibar Resort Arrives in 2025

Marriott International, a leading name in the global hospitality industry, has recently announced a significant development in its expansion strategy.

This comes in the form of a signed agreement with Morogoro Mishama Company, a key player in luxury hotel development, to bring the prestigious Le Méridien Hotels & Resorts brand to the captivating shores of Zanzibar by 2025.

This strategic move underscores Marriott’s commitment to meeting the growing demand for premium accommodation options in Tanzania, particularly in Zanzibar, a destination increasingly sought after by discerning travellers.

The Arrival of Le Méridien Zanzibar Resort

The forthcoming Le Méridien Zanzibar Resort is poised to redefine luxury hospitality standards in the region. With 75 meticulously designed guestrooms, the resort will epitomise sophistication and elegance.

Luxury Redefined: Le Méridien Zanzibar Resort Arrives in 2025

Guests can anticipate immersing themselves in the brand’s distinctive programming and experiences, thoughtfully curated to unveil the rich culture, coordinates, and cuisine of the destination. From exploring the vibrant local markets to indulging in traditional culinary delights, guests will have the opportunity to embark on a journey of discovery and enrichment.

Moreover, the resort’s design philosophy is set to reflect a seamless blend of contemporary aesthetics with elements inspired by Zanzibar’s rich cultural heritage. This fusion is aimed at creating an atmosphere of authenticity and charm, where guests feel a profound connection to both the destination and the brand.

Every aspect of Le Méridien Zanzibar Resort, from its architecture to its amenities, is meticulously crafted to offer an unparalleled luxury experience that transcends mere accommodation.

A Testament to Zanzibar’s Growing Popularity

Karim Cheltout, Regional Vice President – Development, Africa, Marriott International, expressed his enthusiasm about this venture, stating, “Zanzibar continues to grow as a sought-after leisure destination, and we are committed to supporting the overall growth of the tourism sector in Tanzania.”

This sentiment underscores not only the strategic importance of Zanzibar but also Marriott International’s dedication to contributing to the sustainable development of the region’s tourism industry.

Luxury Redefined: Le Méridien Zanzibar Resort Arrives in 2025

By introducing Le Méridien Zanzibar Resort, Marriott aims to elevate the destination’s profile further while providing guests with exceptional experiences that resonate long after their stay.

Furthermore, Zanzibar’s allure lies not only in its pristine beaches and azure waters but also in its rich history and vibrant culture. Le Méridien Zanzibar Resort seeks to encapsulate this essence by offering guests opportunities for cultural immersion and exploration.

Whether it’s participating in traditional Swahili cooking classes or embarking on guided tours of historical landmarks, guests will have the chance to delve deep into the fabric of Zanzibar’s identity. In doing so, Marriott International hopes to foster a deeper appreciation for the destination while creating unforgettable memories for its guests.

Experiential Luxury

Le Méridien Zanzibar Resort promises a fusion of contemporary design and captivating spaces. Set against the backdrop of the Indian Ocean, guests will relish uninterrupted beach vistas and indulge in immersive experiences curated to showcase the essence of the destination.

Each guestroom and villa is meticulously designed to evoke a sense of tranquillity and refinement, providing a sanctuary where guests can unwind and rejuvenate amidst the breathtaking beauty of Zanzibar’s coastline.

Luxury Redefined: Le Méridien Zanzibar Resort Arrives in 2025

Moreover, the resort’s public spaces are crafted to serve as social hubs where guests can connect with fellow travellers and locals alike, fostering a sense of community and camaraderie.

Furthermore, Le Méridien’s signature programming is set to elevate the guest experience to new heights. From curated art exhibitions featuring local artists to interactive workshops showcasing traditional craftsmanship, guests will have the opportunity to engage with Zanzibar’s vibrant cultural scene in meaningful ways.

Additionally, the resort’s culinary offerings will showcase the best of local and international cuisine, with a focus on fresh, seasonal ingredients sourced from the region.

Whether it’s dining under the stars at the open-air restaurant or savouring signature cocktails at the beachfront bar, guests will embark on a culinary journey that tantalises the senses and ignites the palate.

A Peek into the Resort’s Offerings

The resort will boast a range of amenities, including a speciality restaurant, an open-air bar, and various recreational facilities such as a fitness centre, swimming pool, spa, kids club, and lagoon.

Positioned in Bwejuu on the Eastern coast of Zanzibar Island, the property is strategically located to offer guests an unparalleled experience. Each facility is designed to cater to the diverse needs and preferences of guests, ensuring that every moment spent at Le Méridien Zanzibar Resort is filled with comfort, luxury, and delight.

Whether it’s unwinding with a rejuvenating spa treatment or embarking on an adventure-filled day of water sports, guests will find no shortage of opportunities for relaxation and recreation.

Moreover, the resort’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its design and operations. From energy-efficient lighting systems to eco-friendly toiletries, every effort is made to minimise the resort’s environmental footprint while maximising guest comfort.

Additionally, the resort works closely with local communities to support sustainable tourism initiatives and promote responsible travel practices. By prioritising environmental conservation and community engagement, Le Méridien Zanzibar Resort seeks to not only provide guests with an exceptional hospitality experience but also to contribute positively to the long-term well-being of Zanzibar and its people.

Partnerships for Success

Rishen Patel, Managing Director, Morogoro Mishama Company, highlighted the significance of this collaboration in enhancing Tanzania’s hospitality landscape. He stated, “This milestone underscores our continued commitment to reinforcing Zanzibar’s appeal as a premier leisure destination.” This sentiment is echoed by Marriott International, which recognises the importance of strategic partnerships in driving innovation and growth in the hospitality sector.

By leveraging each partner’s expertise and resources, the collaborative effort aims to create a truly exceptional destination that sets new benchmarks for luxury hospitality in Zanzibar and beyond.

Furthermore, the involvement of ALEPH Hospitality as the third-party operator for the franchised property adds another layer of expertise and excellence to the project. With a proven track record in managing upscale accommodations across diverse destinations, ALEPH Hospitality brings invaluable insights and capabilities to the table.

Bani Haddad, Founder and Managing Director of Aleph Hospitality, expressed excitement about the venture, affirming, “This stunning, modern resort will be an incredible addition to the hospitality offering in Zanzibar, which has seen a surge in growth with international tourism arrivals surpassing a record one million mark just last month.”

Luxury Redefined: Le Méridien Zanzibar Resort Arrives in 2025

With the combined efforts of Marriott International, Morogoro Mishama Company, and ALEPH Hospitality, Le Méridien Zanzibar Resort is poised to set new standards of excellence in luxury hospitality, further cementing Zanzibar’s position as a premier leisure destination on the global stage.

Sustainable Growth

The introduction of Le Méridien Zanzibar Resort reflects a concerted effort to promote sustainable tourism and elevate the overall guest experience. With international tourism arrivals surpassing the one million mark, Zanzibar’s growth trajectory as a premier leisure destination remains on an upward trajectory.

This growth presents both opportunities and challenges for the region, underscoring the importance of responsible and sustainable tourism practices. Le Méridien Zanzibar Resort is committed to playing a proactive role in this regard, by implementing measures to minimise its environmental footprint, support local communities, and preserve the natural and cultural heritage of Zanzibar.

Moreover, the resort’s commitment to sustainability extends beyond its operations to include guest engagement and education. Through initiatives such as beach clean-ups, conservation workshops, and cultural immersion experiences, guests are invited to become active participants in the preservation and promotion of Zanzibar’s unique ecosystem and heritage.

By fostering a deeper appreciation for the destination and its people, Le Méridien Zanzibar Resort aims to create meaningful connections and lasting memories that inspire guests to become ambassadors for sustainable tourism practices.


The collaboration between Marriott International, Morogoro Mishama Company, and ALEPH Hospitality heralds a new era of luxury hospitality in Zanzibar. With a commitment to excellence and innovation, Le Méridien Zanzibar Resort is poised to become a beacon of luxury, offering guests an unforgettable journey infused with culture, elegance, and unparalleled experiences.

From its meticulously designed guestrooms to its immersive programming and sustainable practices, every aspect of the resort is crafted to delight and inspire. As Zanzibar continues to evolve as a premier leisure destination, Le Méridien Zanzibar Resort stands ready to set new standards of luxury and hospitality excellence, ensuring that every guest experience is nothing short of extraordinary.

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