Lita – Marylebone’s New Restaurant Opens Its Doors

Lita, the latest offering from the team behind Wild Tavern and Canadian restaurateur Daniel Koukarskikh, recently opened its doors in Marylebone, central London.

Conceptualised by Irish chef Luke Ahearne, formerly Head Chef at Corrigan’s Mayfair, Lita brings a grown-up dining experience to London.

The menu is produce-driven and seasonal with a focus on the flavours of southern Europe, all cooked on the fire grill in the open kitchen.

An Ambiance of Warmth and Family

Lita, meaning “grandmother” in Spanish, feels like a family gathering. The design by B3 Designers is an open plan with a lively atmosphere.

Lita: A New Culinary Gem in Marylebone

Ahearne’s menu is inspired by southern European cuisine, with a menu that changes with the seasons and focuses on local produce. The wine list features small, biodynamic producers to big European wineries so there’s a perfect pairing for every dish.

The Heartbeat of Lita: The Open Fire Grill

The open-fire grill, a grand chateau kitchen-style feature, is the beating heart of Lita. Here Chef Ahearne and his team cook every dish to order, bringing a bit of theatre to the dining experience. You can see the cooking in action, adding to the lively atmosphere.

“The aim of Lita was to create the ultimate neighbourhood bistro with a dynamic menu, excellent wine list, and relaxed atmosphere,” says Daniel Koukarskikh. “We’ve worked to create something unique to the area that offers an exemplary, modern-day dining experience, and unites food enthusiasts, wine lovers, and locals alike, in a laid-back, inviting setting.”

Sophisticated and Shareable Menu

Ahearne’s first menu at Lita features a selection of small and refined dishes to share. Highlights include chopped Hereford beef with Amalfi lemon and shoestring fries; morels with wild garlic and lardo di Colonnata; and Norfolk quail with burnt pear and duck hearts.

Lita: A New Culinary Gem in Marylebone

Larger, communal mains such as Cornish monkfish with fennel, winter tomatoes, and bouillabaisse; Peak District T-bone steak; and a whole Cornish turbot are also on offer.

For dessert Lita offers decadent options like rum baba with charcoal cream Chantilly; Yorkshire rhubarb millefeuille with Madagascan vanilla, blood orange and ginger; and Amalfi lemon meringue pie. These sweet treats will leave you with a full stomach.

Rustic Yet Timeless Design

The interior has a warm earthy colour palette with lots of natural light. The dining room has a reclaimed terracotta tile herringbone floor and exposed wooden joists on the ceiling.

You’re greeted by a large timber-clad bar with a deep red, veined marble top and a large blood-orange mohair banquette. Restored antique tables and chairs by Guillerme et Chambron, booths and stools along the kitchen counter complete the rustic yet timeless look.

Lita: A New Culinary Gem in Marylebone

“With Lita, we had the tremendous opportunity to create such a unique experience that is hard to come by in London,” says Mark Bithrey, Founding Director of B3 Designers. “We designed it so guests could dine in the kitchen alongside the chefs cooking and plating their food. We chose interior elements that would transport people away from their natural environments into the countryside of the Mediterranean.”

Spacious and Inviting

80 indoor seats and 20 on the front terrace, Lita is a warm and inviting space with rustic charm. Open 7 days a week, it’s perfect for any occasion, lunch or dinner.

Lita: A New Culinary Gem in Marylebone

At Lita the service is as good as the food. The staff know the menu and wine list and can recommend to enhance your dining experience. They pay attention to detail so every visit is special and you’ll get personal service that makes you feel looked after.

Ahearne’s menu at Lita takes you on a journey through southern Europe. Each dish is made with precision using the best seasonal ingredients to bring out the true flavours of the region. The open-fire grill adds a new dimension to the cooking process and infuses every dish with a smoky flavour.

Commitment to Sustainability

Lita’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in the ingredients and suppliers. We source produce from local farms and support small, biodynamic wine producers. This means the ingredients are fresher and the environmental impact of food production and transport is reduced.

As well as the food, Lita wants to be a community hub in Marylebone. The warm atmosphere and great food and wine make it a place for locals and visitors to meet. Whether it’s for a quick snack, a long lunch or a special occasion Lita is a welcoming space for everyone.

Lita: A New Culinary Gem in Marylebone

Looking forward Lita will continue to evolve the menu and dining experience. Ahearne will be trying new dishes and flavours so the restaurant stays at the top of the London dining scene. Seasonal events and wine tastings will also be coming up so you can get to know the restaurant better.


Lita is not just another Marylebone restaurant; it’s a showcase for the talent and hard work of the team. Luke Ahearne’s vision, Daniel Koukarskikh’s expertise and B3 Designers’ design come together to create a sophisticated and warm space.

Every element, from the dishes to the wine list, is a reflection of the pursuit of excellence and love of southern European cuisine. The open-fire grill at the heart of the restaurant not only adds flavour but is a spectacle in itself, drawing you into the cooking process.

Lita: A New Culinary Gem in Marylebone

Lita will be a favourite for locals and visitors alike, with rustic charm and modern sophistication in one. The focus on seasonal, regional produce and sustainability is part of a bigger picture of responsible eating.

As Lita continues to evolve and innovate it will stay at the top of the London dining scene, creating special experiences and a sense of community.

Foodie, wine lover or just looking for a relaxed but refined dining experience Lita invites you to join the journey through southern European cuisine.

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