Louis Vuitton SS2025 Men’s Collection: A Celebration of Global Unity

The Louis Vuitton Spring-Summer 2025 Men’s Collection is a tribute to humanity, celebrating the diverse tapestry of people who inhabit our planet.

Men’s Creative Director Pharrell Williams uses this collection to showcase a unifying global mentality. This line is not just about fashion; it’s a representation of the shared human experience, illustrated through a harmonious blend of tones and silhouettes.

The collection highlights the commonalities that bind us together, depicted in the nuances of skin tones under the universal sun.

Paris to the World: A Community of LVERS

The show takes place on the rooftop of La Maison de l’UNESCO, offering a panoramic view of Paris. The setting is symbolic, representing unity and world peace through culture.

Louis Vuitton SS2025 Men’s Collection: A Celebration of Global Unity

Pharrell Williams’ composition “Triumphus Cosmos” sets the tone for the event. The LVERS community, central to the Louis Vuitton Studio Prêt-à-Porter Homme, embodies a shared vision rooted in warmth, well-being, and welcome. This global network energizes the Maison, connecting like-minded individuals through the core values of discernment, savoir-faire, and the vitality of travel.

The show opens with a cinematic prelude directed by Air Afrique, featuring a lecture by Simon Njami. This film imagines future diplomats as children, emphasizing themes of unity in human diversity. It reflects the intergenerational message at the heart of Air Afrique, an African-French cultural platform.

The film’s message, “You are the future. The world is your oyster. It’s up to you to reinvent it. It’s up to you to reimagine it,” resonates deeply with the audience, reinforcing the idea of a united, diverse future.

Global Dandies: Silhouettes

The collection’s silhouettes are inspired by archetypal traveller codes. The pilot archetype influences aviation dress elements, such as cropped tailored jackets and bombers. Diplomat-inspired pieces include slender double-breasted coats and suits, featuring intricate details.

The leisure traveller inspires refined tracksuits and workwear, while the explorer archetype is reflected in sophisticated sportswear. The collection also pays homage to football, the world’s most unifying game, with garments designed in its image.

Imagining humanity from a solar perspective, the collection plays with macro and micro views of colour and texture. From a distance, silhouettes appear muted and monotone, but up close, intricate details emerge. This effect mirrors the idea of skin, seemingly simple yet complex upon closer inspection.

The palette includes the nuances of all human skin tones, with second-skin garments crafted from fine silks and translucent fabrics. Patterns and Monogram designs mimic skin-like qualities, adding to the sensory experience.

Branded: Monogram, Patterns, and Graphics

The collection’s travel-centric theme infuses Louis Vuitton’s emblems with sensorial and textural impact. The Branded Monogram appears embossed on tonal constructions, evoking animal skin.

Louis Vuitton SS2025 Men’s Collection: A Celebration of Global Unity

The Damoflage motif, inspired by Damier and camouflage, is adapted into a Snake-o-Flage design. This pattern, along with the Map-o-Flage motif, appears on various textiles and accessories, blending classic Damier with cartographic imagery. The multicolour LVERS Damier pattern adds a vibrant touch, animating jacquards and denim.

Air Afrique: Artists in Residence

The collection features a collaboration with the creative collective Air Afrique, who directed the show’s cinematic prelude and contributed to logos and patterns.

Founded in 2020, Air Afrique continues the legacy of the Pan-African airline, highlighting Afro-diasporic arts through multimedia formats. The collective’s influence is seen in tartan designs and travel-inspired logos, adding a unique cultural dimension to the collection.

Every garment in the collection is detailed with elaborate craftsmanship. Buttons become jewelled ornaments, piping is adorned with tiny pearls, and embroidery techniques create fantasy fair-isle checks.

Belt chains, buckles, and charms feature intricate designs, including miniature world maps and aeroplane ornaments. These details invite spectators to appreciate the meticulous artistry that defines the collection.

Soft Leather Goods: A New Bag Line

The collection introduces a new line of Soft Leather Goods, reimagining iconic Louis Vuitton bags in luxurious leather. Classic shapes like the Alma, Christopher, and Neverfull are crafted in supple leather with aged VVN trimmings.

The line includes updated versions of archival shapes, such as the Danube and Nile, and introduces new styles like the rhinestone-covered Keepall. Each bag is adorned with metal plate charms, inspired by archival trunk tags, blending tradition with contemporary design.

The Speedy P9 re-emerges in tonal black and faded fluo colours, along with the new Speedy 30. The LVERS Damier motif graces canvas bags and denim jacquard designs. The collection also features bags in black leather with skin-like imprints and a vibrant red plexiglass Courrier Lozine.

Louis Vuitton SS2025 Men’s Collection: A Celebration of Global Unity

Collaboration pieces with Air Afrique include blueish-green tartan bags with planet logo tags. The Horizon Aluminium suitcase, designed by Marc Newson, debuts with advanced engineering and functionality.

Footprints: Shoes

The collection’s shoes reflect the traveller archetypes. The LV Agent boot, with its square toe and thick leather sole, appears in black or brown glazed leather. The LV Diplomat, available in lace-ups and slippers, features similar details.

The LV Bowling shoe, crafted in nappa leather, and the LV Rider cowboy boot, available in various materials, add elegance and style. The high-top LV Footprint Runner and LV Footprint Soccer draw inspiration from motorcycle and football boots, while the LV Footprint Traveller emphasizes comfort and versatility.

Must-Have Accessories

Sunglasses in the collection draw on aviation themes. The LV Passport, with winged frames, comes in various styles, including some encrusted with strass. The LV Supermask is crafted in transparent polyurethane, and the LV Flight features edged square lenses in skin-tone nuances. The camera-lensed LV Super Vision reappears in nylon, while the LV Signature and Millionaire sunglasses add dandy-esque and modern touches.

Accessories include aviator caps with pins, crystal-encrusted berets, and cowboy hats in skin tones. Crush Beanies appear in Damier and sequinned Damoflage designs. Leather and velvet gloves draw on spy codes, while foulards are emblazoned with world maps and photographic jewellery prints.

Louis Vuitton SS2025 Men’s Collection: A Celebration of Global Unity

Classic silk ties, bowties, bandeaus, and opera scarves enhance formal outfits, reflecting the collection’s meticulous attention to detail.

Jewellery & Fragrance

Jewellery in the collection embodies the spirit of the travelling dandy. Tennis necklaces, bracelets, and infinity rings feature coloured crystals, while chunky wedding rings and giant gem hat pins add boldness.

Gilded compass brooches and rotating map pendants evoke exploration, and pearl stud earrings and Damier-patterned pavé earrings underline the collection’s intricate craftsmanship. Resin jewellery with pearl and Monogram elements completes the look.

In his first collaboration with Les Parfums Louis Vuitton, Pharrell Williams captures the essence of LVERS through a fragrance inspired by sunlight as a metaphor for love and life.

Created by Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, the perfume combines notes of galbanum, cedarwood, sandalwood, ginger, and bergamot. It embodies energy and opportunity, echoing the question posed to Williams upon his arrival at Louis Vuitton: “What will you do when the sun shines on you?”


The Louis Vuitton Spring-Summer 2025 Men’s Collection is a celebration of humanity, emphasizing our shared experiences and global unity. Through intricate designs, detailed craftsmanship, and thoughtful themes, the collection showcases the diverse yet interconnected nature of people worldwide.

Pharrell Williams and the Louis Vuitton team have created a line that not only redefines fashion but also promotes a message of unity, diversity and shared human values.

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