Luxurious Island Living in Miami: Where Privacy Meets Elegance

As the allure of waterfront living in Miami reaches unprecedented heights, the availability of actual waterfront land is becoming increasingly scarce.

In response, visionary developers are turning their attention to the city’s private man-made island communities to transform them into opulent residential havens that redefine luxury living.

Embracing Seclusion: The Rise of Private Island Enclaves

Nestled within the tranquil embrace of Miami’s secluded islands, a collection of ultra-luxurious condominium projects is emerging. These remarkable developments seamlessly blend the charm of a private lifestyle with the serene ambience of living just steps away from the sparkling waters.

Luxurious Island Living in Miami: Where Privacy Meets Elegance

Despite the idyllic seclusion, these island paradises remain conveniently connected to Miami’s vibrant mainland, ensuring residents can relish both tranquillity and urban energy. Accessible primarily via private bridge, boat, ferry, or helicopter, these enclaves offer unparalleled exclusivity, making them a haven of choice for discerning individuals, including celebrities and discreet CEOs.

From the iconic Grove Isle to the lavish Fisher Island, the captivating Brickell Key to the esteemed Bay Harbor Islands, Miami’s revered developers are orchestrating a renaissance of island living. These unique enclaves artfully blend tropical serenity with the enchantment of the Magic City, encapsulating the essence of opulence.

Grove Isle: Reviving Grandeur in Coconut Grove

Spanning 20 acres, the gated haven of Grove Isle rests in the heart of Coconut Grove. Connected to mainland Miami by the picturesque Grove Isle Drive bridge, it stands as one of the city’s most exclusive residential locales. A beacon of this renewal is Ugo Colombo’s visionary project – Vita at Grove Isle.

Luxurious Island Living in Miami: Where Privacy Meets Elegance

This forthcoming residential gem, the first of its kind in decades, resurrects the opulence of Grove Isle. Vita’s expansive residences are currently taking shape, promising an estate-like existence within a boutique waterfront setting. With the convenience of condominium living and a coveted membership to the island’s prestigious country club, Vita represents the epitome of refinement.

Fisher Island: The Epitome of Secluded Luxury

A haven for the privileged, Fisher Island is a paradise located three miles off the coast of Miami Beach. Accessible solely by private ferry or boat, this enclave caters to the ultra-wealthy, offering boutique condos, superyachts, and luxury automobiles.

Luxurious Island Living in Miami: Where Privacy Meets Elegance

The Residences at Six Fisher Island, an ambitious creation by South Florida developer Related Group, embodies exclusivity and extravagance. With 50 ultra-luxurious residences, including penthouses priced at over $60 million and standard units commencing at $30 million, Fisher Island exudes a level of opulence that defines the city’s essence.

Brickell Key: A Tropical Oasis in the Heart of Miami

Nestled amidst the effervescent Brickell Financial District, Brickell Key emerges as a man-made gem. Positioned just east of Downtown Miami and the Miami River, this tropical oasis pulsates with verdant landscapes, gourmet dining establishments, and opulent condos.

Luxurious Island Living in Miami: Where Privacy Meets Elegance

Swire Properties, a name synonymous with sophistication, is set to unveil The Residences at Mandarin Oriental at One Island Drive. This luxurious condominium stands as a beacon of elegance, boasting 220 residences ranging from two to four bedrooms, as well as duplex penthouses spanning an impressive 6,000 square feet. Amidst this lush retreat, luxury takes on new meaning.

Bay Harbor Islands: A Resurgent Haven of Elegance

Nestled between Surfside, Bal Harbor, and North Miami lies the charming enclave of the Bay Harbor Islands. Esteemed as one of Miami’s premier residential neighbourhoods, it offers a tapestry of exceptional shopping destinations and renowned schools. Recent years have witnessed a renaissance in this captivating island community, as new luxury developments grace its skyline.

Luxurious Island Living in Miami: Where Privacy Meets Elegance

A joint endeavour by esteemed developers Ugo Colombo of CMC Group and Valerio Morabito of Morabito Properties has given rise to Onda Residences – a boutique luxury condominium comprising 41 units, more than 300 feet of bay frontage, a private marina, and direct ocean access through Haulover inlet. In parallel, Miami-based Terra is introducing THE WELL Bay Harbor Islands, a wellness-focused mixed-use haven. Featuring 54 luxury residences and 80,000 square feet of class A office space, it promises to redefine modern island living along the esteemed Kane Concourse.


In the heart of Miami’s bustling landscape, a remarkable transformation is underway. Secluded island enclaves are evolving into sanctuaries of elegance and refinement, seamlessly merging privacy with luxurious living. These exceptional developments stand as a testament to the city’s enduring allure, where pristine waters meet urban glamour. As Miami’s skyline continues to evolve, its islands remain timeless bastions of opulence and sophistication.