Luxury Redefined: Nobu Hotel’s 10-Year Journey

In the world of luxury hospitality, milestones are celebrated with style and panache.

2023 marks the 10th anniversary of the opening of Nobu Hotel Caesars Palace Las Vegas, a decade of defining excellence in the hospitality industry by the global lifestyle brand Nobu Hospitality.

To commemorate this remarkable achievement, shareholders Nobu Matsuhisa and Meir Teper returned to the iconic Nobu Hotel Caesars Palace for a VIP event, welcoming 300 distinguished guests.

This event served as an opportunity to reflect on a decade of groundbreaking hospitality and to look forward to the promising future ahead.

Luxury Redefined: Nobu Hotel's 10-Year Journey

Nobu Hotel’s – A Legacy of Instinctive Design and World-Class Cuisine

Nobu Hotels have carved a niche for themselves through their instinctive design, innate passion for service, and world-class cuisine. What started as a single hotel in Las Vegas has blossomed into a portfolio of nearly 40 properties worldwide. Nobu Matsuhisa, Robert De Niro, and Meir Teper, the driving forces behind Nobu Hospitality, expressed their excitement and gratitude for this special anniversary, acknowledging the incredible team that has propelled the brand’s success.

The trio stated, “We’re excited to be celebrating this special anniversary for Nobu Hotels and all that we’ve achieved over the last decade. What started as a single hotel in Las Vegas has grown into a portfolio of nearly 40 properties, and that is all thanks to our Nobu family: the incredible team behind Nobu Hospitality.”

Luxury Redefined: Nobu Hotel's 10-Year Journey

A Night of Celebration

The evening of festivities at Nobu Hotel Caesars Palace commenced with an exclusive reception in the Nobu Restaurant & Lounge. VIP casino and retail guests were treated to special dishes inspired by 10 different Nobu Hotel and Restaurant locations across North America, offering a culinary journey like no other.

The celebration continued with an intimate after-party hosted in the lavish 10,300-square-foot Nobu Hotel Villa. Guests enjoyed creative cocktails, delectable desserts, and an exclusive performance from ABSINTHE by Spiegelworld. The celebration reached its pinnacle when Nobu Hospitality CEO Trevor Horwell, Caesars Entertainment executives, and the Nobu shareholders gathered on the villa’s terrace to raise a toast to 10 years of transforming the hospitality industry.

A Proud Partnership

The partnership between Caesars Entertainment and Nobu Hotels has been nothing short of exceptional. Both brands are synonymous with guest satisfaction, unforgettable moments, and delivering luxury through experiences. This partnership began when Nobu Hotel Caesars Palace Las Vegas first opened its doors in 2013, and it has continued to evolve and flourish.

Luxury Redefined: Nobu Hotel's 10-Year Journey

Sean McBurney, Regional President of Caesars Entertainment, shared his pride in this historic partnership, saying, “At Caesars Palace, we take great pride in our history of ‘firsts,’ and we are thrilled to count the first Nobu Hotel in the world among them. Ten years after its first opening, Nobu Hotel Caesars Palace remains one of our most sought-after resort experiences. Our incredible partnership here with Nobu Hospitality has paved the way for the addition of Nobu Hotels and Restaurants in other Caesars Rewards destinations, including the upcoming Nobu Hotels in Atlantic City and New Orleans.”

A Testimony to Dedication

Trevor Horwell, CEO of Nobu Hospitality, emphasized the significance of this milestone as a testimony to the dedication of the team and the loyalty of their guests. He highlighted the long-term vision that underpins all their partnerships, showcasing the trust they’ve built over the last decade. This trust has allowed them to embark on further joint ventures, and he expressed excitement about the prospects of the next decade.

Horwell remarked, “This anniversary is a testament to the dedication of our team and the loyalty of our guests. We enter all partnerships thinking long term and our collaboration with Caesars is a clear example of this; the trust we’ve built over the last decade has allowed us to embark on further joint ventures, and I’m excited to see what we’ll achieve together over the next 10 years. From hotels to branded residences, we are incredibly proud of what Nobu Hotels has accomplished over the past 10 years, and we will continue to provide exceptional experiences for many years to come.”

Looking Ahead to 2024

Nobu Hospitality’s growth story is far from over. With the allure of luxury developments attracting a growing number of homebuyers, the brand is launching its first Nobu residences in Los Cabos in 2023. These residences offer an exclusive, curated lifestyle that encapsulates the heartfelt hospitality, innovative design, and fine ingredients synonymous with the global lifestyle group.

Luxury Redefined: Nobu Hotel's 10-Year Journey

In 2024, Nobu Hotel, Restaurant, and Residences Toronto will make its debut, spanning two impressive 45-story towers in the former Pilkington Glass Factory in the city’s vibrant Entertainment District. The project comprises 660 residential units, 36 hotel suites, and a unique lifestyle space known as Nobu Centre.

Expanding the branded residences is a key part of Nobu’s continued global expansion, with projects in development in Al Khobar, Al Marjan Island, Abu Dhabi, Tulum, Orlando, Punta Cana, Egypt, and Da Nang, Vietnam. In the upcoming year, the brand will further extend its European presence, marking its hotel debut in Italy and Portugal with openings in Rome and Lisbon. Additionally, it will welcome a sixth Spanish property to the portfolio – Nobu Hotel Madrid.


Nobu Hotel Caesars Palace Las Vegas has not only marked a decade of exceptional hospitality but has also paved the way for a promising future of growth and expansion. With a commitment to excellence, a dedication to guest satisfaction, and a vision for innovative design, Nobu Hospitality continues to redefine luxury in the world of hospitality. As they celebrate this milestone, they also look ahead with excitement to the next chapter of their journey. Nobu Hotels have truly left an indelible mark on the world of luxury travel, and their legacy continues to shine brightly.

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