Make Your Health A Priority This New Year Preventing Infectious Diseases

The beginning of a new year makes room for new resolutions, a fresh start, and opportunities for making resolutions to achieve specific goals.

Your new year resolutions list may be to scale your business higher, travel often, study harder, get organized, or learn a new skill. However, why doesn’t the list include your wellness? How about setting a resolution for preventing infections much before they happen to you? Sounds like the most important thing, isn’t it?

What’s even better is that your resolution will start playing a significant role in your life right away. Yes, it’s the winter season, and the flu and cold are starting to rear their ugly head. And, it seems absolutely impossible to get away from sneezing and coughing. However, the good news is there are ways to stay infection-free this winter.

Health professionals suggest some practical maxims for preventing infections. Let’s get going with discovering what these are:

Wash Your Hands Frequently

Make Your Health A Priority This New Year Preventing Infectious Diseases

Were you aware that microbes tend to live on inert surfaces, which can be anywhere from a few minutes to even several months? Yes, you heard that right! These disease-causing microorganisms may live on your computer keyboard, elevator button, or even your mobile phone.

Thus, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Make sure to follow the process using a paper towel for drying your hands.

You can also use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer for cleaning hands and staying germ-free.

Never Share Personal Items

Make Your Health A Priority This New Year Preventing Infectious Diseases

Toothbrushes, handkerchiefs, razors, and nail clippers can be excellent sources of infectious agents.

It is because sharing these may lead to the spread of viruses, bacteria, and fungi. Thereby, never share these types of items with others.

Cover Your Mouth While Sneezing And Coughing

Make Your Health A Priority This New Year Preventing Infectious Diseases

Health professionals say that personal hygiene doesn’t only include personal cleanliness. Instead, it consists of the age-old practice of covering your mouth while sneezing or coughing.

It’ll come as a surprise, but the disease-causing microbe tends to spread germs through microscopic droplets present in the air for most infections. So, the best way of saying yes to healthcare is by covering your mouth with your arm, crook of the elbow, or your sleeve.

Get Vaccinated

Make Your Health A Priority This New Year Preventing Infectious Diseases

The worst aspect about your immune system is that its design is kept to remember previous infections.

When your body comes across a microbe that previously caused an infection, the production of white blood cells and antibodies enhances. Their increased production helps in preventing the disease from occurring a second time.

However, through vaccinations, you trick your body into thinking that it has already been infected by a microbe. Thereby, it enhances the defence against a subsequent infection.

All you’ve to do is consult your clinician about receiving a vaccination to make the best decision.

Be A Smart Traveller

Make Your Health A Priority This New Year Preventing Infectious Diseases

Studies show that travelers pick the most infectious diseases, especially during their excursion to underdeveloped countries. Thus, make sure to treat yourself with care. For instance, if your travel destination has questionable water, make sure to use bottled water, even brushing your teeth. 

Eat appropriately cooked foods and prevent raw fruits and vegetables as some preventive measures. Ascertain to update all the immunizations advised for your travel destination.

The Verdict- Take A Plunge To Better Health

Your skin acts as a barrier against harmful bacteria and other microbes that cause infections. However, while you’re playing smart, bugs are even more intelligent as they find alternative routes for getting into your body for causing disease. It is wise to make simple behavioral changes to put yourself on a path to a healthier lifestyle. After all, it’s about preventing the spread of infectious diseases.

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